After House Of The Dragon Fans Freaked Out About The Dog Getting Kicked, The Actor Who Did It Set The Record Straight

 Cheese in House of the Dragon.
Credit: HBO

House of the Dragon Season 2 showed the long-awaited "Blood and Cheese" incident, and while those who read the books assumed viewers would be appalled, they hadn't predicted why. To be fair, the book's version was far more graphic, but even then, the murder of young Prince Jaehaerys received less reaction than Cheese did for kicking the guide dog. Amidst the outcry, Cheese actor Mark Stobbart set the record straight about the scene in question.

For those needing a refresher but not wanting to relive the moment by streaming with a Max subscription, Cheese delivered a kick to the dog and sent it scurrying away once it was no longer needed. People on X and other platforms were not pleased, but rest assured, Mark Stobbart and the dog looked like best buds when the cameras weren't rolling judging from this picture on Instagram:

As the actor stated, that poor-looking little dog was not harmed when filming the horrific House of the Dragon scene. That incident in the episode was only part of the grotesque Blood and Cheese sequence that ended in the death of Prince Jaehaerys. Fortunately, that part at least took place off screen, and there are laws in place to protect both children and animals when they film on set.

House Of The Dragon Skipped A Lot Of George R.R. Martin's Lore About The North, And It Gives Me A Bad Feeling About The Shorter Season 2

Jace Velaryon and Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon Season 2x01
Jace Velaryon and Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon Season 2x01

This may not be good news for fans of the books.

Of course, the events of the episode will undoubtedly have a massive effect on how the rest of House of the Dragon Season 2 plays out. No doubt Aegon will want revenge for the death of his son, and he may be encouraged to take more aggressive measures against Rhaenyra or Daemon. Though the measure to trade "a son for a son" may seem fair to Daemon, it's clear the new ruler of Westeros probably won't see it that way. There's only so many Targaryens on the family tree to spare.

Fortunately, the critics' response to House of the Dragon Season 2 was pretty optimistic and specifically noted the action and better pacing as high marks. Sure, there may be the unpleasant dog-kicking scene the audience has to brave through, but anyone who had issues with Season 1 jumping between timelines and events will be happy to know there's less of that in the coming adventures.

If you haven't figured out how to watch House of The Dragon and stream it, now is the time. It's one of many great shows on the 2024 TV schedule that audiences shouldn't miss, so feel free to browse and see what else is coming up as we dive deeper into the summer months.