House Shakes in Cold Bay as 7.5 Earthquake Recorded off Alaska Coast

A home in Cold Bay, Alaska, experienced light shaking as a 7.5 earthquake was recorded off the state’s coast on October 19.

The earthquake was detected around 50 miles from Sand Point, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center. A 2-foot tsunami was observed at Sand Point, while other parts of the coast put on tsunami alert. Sirens urged residents of Kodiak to seek higher ground amid the warning.

This video shows Candace Nielsen’s house shaking while she hides under the table. Her dogs cautiously wander the room while she tells them everything is ok.

“We are ok. We are becoming real earthquake experts! Feel bad for our dogs there wasn’t enough room under the table for all of them!” Nielsen posted to Facebook.

“We seem to have them daily and this was the second big one in the last few months. We had another 7.8 in July,” Nielsen told Storyful. Credit: Candace Nielsen via Storyful

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