Huddersfield's 'biggest Asian supermarket opening soon in town centre'

A new supermarket is reportedly due to open round the corner from Huddersfield bus station.

A large sign been placed above the shuttered entrance to the unit that used to be occupied by the JobCentre in Trinity Street. The sign says 'Umrah Supermarket coming soon'.

The proposed supermarket is being promoted on social media as the "biggest Asian supermarket" and the "biggest halal food (sic) in Huddersfield". A video posted on social media shows the premises being fitted out.

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YorkshireLive was unable to contact the operators of the supermarket.

Umrah Supermarket is a retail chain that sells a range of groceries from around the world, including African, Caribbean and Asian. Stores sell meat, diary products, fruit and veg and bakery food, according to its online profile.

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Huddersfield food shoppers have previously complained about the reduced number of food stores in the town centre.

In September shoppers were in despair at the announced closure of Farmfoods in Market Street and Iceland in Trinity Street, both in Huddersfield town centre. Shoppers said they found the locations of both stores convenient as they are both close to the bus station.

Earlier this year the Bargain Food Store opened in New Street, Huddersfield. The shop describes itself as specialising in 'clearance wholesale' and has stores across the UK.