Huge search for Loch Ness Monster concludes with sighting and unexplainable noise

Loch Ness Monster sighting
-Credit: (Image: Loch Ness Centre)

A massive search for the Loch Ness Monster over the weekend concluded with an unexplainable noise captured on hydrophone and a potential sighting.

The Loch Ness Centre, situated in the village of Drumnadrochit on the western shore of Loch Ness, conducted a large-scale hunt for the legendary beast between May 30 and June 2. The search saw hundreds of Nessie hunters come together to scour the 23-mile-long loch for unusual activity, both in person and online.

Using a hydrophone, which detects sounds beneath the surface of the water, Alan McKenna from Loch Ness Exploration recorded a unique noise. He will now isolate the strange sound, which consisted of a rhythmic pulsing that lasted around 10 seconds, in an effort to identify its source.

Evelyn Murphy, age 11, also captured a potential sighting in an intriguing photo. The image shows a clear break in the water made by an unidentified object or creature.

The search, named 'The Quest' by organisers, took place on the 90th anniversary of pioneering adventurer Sir Edward Mountain and his team of 20 becoming the first 'Watchers of the Monster'. As well as the hunt itself, the four-day experience also involved a number of celebratory events.

The Loch Ness Centre hosted a live debate with McKenna, renowned Loch Ness writer Roland Watson, and eyewitness Richard White. The discussion, which was held in-person and screened virtually across the globe, saw the experts tell gripping stories, discuss their ongoing research, and various reported Nessie sightings.

Drumnadrochit , Scotland, Saturday, 1 June  2024
Nessie hunters took the surface of Loch Ness to try and capture evidence of the elusive beast -Credit:Michal Wachucik/Abermedia

Meanwhile, other volunteers explored the depths of the world-famous loch with Deepscan Captain Alistair Matheson, the Skipper for the Loch Ness Project. Monster hunters joined Matheson and McKenna for an extended excursion that made use of a 60-foot hydrophone to listen for mysterious sounds echoing from the depths of the loch.

General Manager of The Loch Ness Centre Paul Nixon commented: "The excitement this weekend has proven that intrigue surrounding Loch Ness and its monster is still very much alive. We all want the same thing, to discover the mysteries of the natural phenomena beneath the loch.

"We’ve been delighted to welcome so many people to The Loch Ness Centre for hour-long centre tours and Deepscan boat trips across the weekend. After another successful The Quest Weekend, we’re more determined than ever to continue our search for answers."

Ashley Range, a volunteer who travelled from Washington State to take part in The Quest, added: "I’ve been obsessed with Scotland and Nessie my whole life, and to be here is just a dream. To be on an actual expedition and out on Deepscan exploring Loch Ness is a dream come true. I definitely believe in Nessie.

Drumnadrochit , Scotland, Saturday, 1 June  2024
The Quest saw experts come together to discuss the Loch Ness Monster -Credit:Michal Wachucik/Abermedia

"Although a lot of the evidence can be explained, there is a lot out there that is unexplainable. It’s been an incredible trip!"

Next year’s Quest Weekend is set to take place between May 22 and May 25. More information can be found on The Loch Ness Centre website.

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