Hunter Frees Bucks With Antlers Stuck Together

A hunter in Independence, Wisconsin, showed compassion to two bucks whose antlers were hopelessly entangled in a forest.

Troy Rebarchek told WEAU 13 News that he and his wife, Tami Keenan, are the landowners and were alerted to the bucks by a member of the public.

This video, taken by Keenan, shows Rebarchek using a power tool to cut the bucks free.

Though he is a hunter, Rebarchek said shooting the bucks would not have been right.

“As much as I wanted to shoot one of these … we chose to set them free. We chose to do the ethical thing. Taking these bucks just wouldn’t have been right. It would’ve been like shooting fish in a barrel,” Rebarchek said. Credit: Tami Keenan via Storyful

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