Hurricane Gonzalo Sparks UK Gale Warning

Hurricane Gonzalo Sparks UK Gale Warning

Gale force winds are threatening to cause major travel disruption and hazardous driving conditions as the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo hits the UK.

A "yellow" alert - warning of severe weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption - has been issued by the Met Office for much of Britain on Tuesday.

Strong gales of up to 60mph and heavy rain will sweep across the UK for around 24 hours, particularly affecting Northern Ireland, northern England, North Wales, southern and eastern Scotland.

Sky News weather forecaster Isobel Lang said: "The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo are forecast to affect us during Monday night and Tuesday, bringing a spell of very heavy rain followed by gale or severe gale force northwest winds.

"It will arrive across the northwest and spread rapidly eastwards taking an area of heavy rain across most parts.

"The winds will become strong and squally and turn northwesterly through Tuesday with gusts of 60mph possible."

The Met Office said: "There is the potential for some significant disruption to travel from the very strong winds on Tuesday, particularly as the strongest winds will coincide with rush-hour in places.

"Difficult driving conditions are also expected thanks to large amounts of spray on the roads and potential for wind-blown debris."

Hurricane Gonzalo has caused widespread damage in Bermuda, pulling up trees and cutting power to 70,000 people.

It approached Bermuda as a Category 3 storm then weakened to Category 2 before moving ashore with sustained winds of 110mph (175kph).

Nearly all of the island's roads were impassable and cluttered with debris and fallen trees, police said.

The roof of Bermuda's hospital was damaged and there was also water damage in its new intensive care unit.

Royal Navy ship HMS Argyll, with a crew of some 180 sailors, was expected to arrive on Sunday to help with recovery efforts.