Huw Edwards 'does an Ed Balls' by tweeting his own name

Huw Edwards tweeted his own name. (PA)
Huw Edwards tweeted his own name. (PA)

Huw Edwards appears to have done an Ed Balls by tweeting his own name.

Former politician Balls went viral back in 2011 when he accidentally posted his name online as he tried to search for what people were saying about him, and the anniversary is still jokingly celebrated as “Ed Balls Day”.

And now Edwards has followed suit.

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The newsreader, 60, took to Twitter on Friday afternoon but the only thing he posted was: “Huw Edwards.”

Fans thought the slip-up was hilarious.

“Is it Ed Balls Day already?” tweeted one person.

“Happy Huw Edwards day!” said another.

“Nice, it's not quite Ed Balls, but it's got a ring to it,” said another.

One person quipped: “Many have tried to kill Ed Balls day, today is not that day Huw Edwards.”

“A transparent attempt to steal @edballs throne,” joked another.

Ed Balls attending the Evening Standard Film Awards held at Claridge’s, Brook Street, London.

Picture Credit Should Read: Doug Peters/ EMPICS Entertainment
Ed Balls tweeted his name in 2011. (EMPICS Entertainment)

Balls has previously said that when he accidentally tweeted his name he “didn’t really particularly clock it as a big deal”.

As the years have gone by he has got in on the joke and once on Ed Balls Day he even tweeted a picture of a cake iced to look like his tweet.

“If I were to be offended or to be proud, that would ruin the joke, wouldn’t it?” the New York Times quoted him as saying this year.

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“There’s nothing I can do but smile to myself and think it’s a funny old world.”

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