Ibiza joins Majorca in warning UK tourists they are 'not welcome' on island

Ibiza has joined in Majorca in warning Brit holidaymakers and tourists are "not welcome". The European Union holiday hotspots have warned Brit tourists and holidaymakers over demonstrations and protests in the face of what they perceive to be "overtourism".

lícia Aguiló, spokeswoman for activist group SOS Residents organising protests in Majorca, warned that Ibiza could be quickly following suit in terms of overtourism rallies. She said: "They started in the Canaries. Now I see that in Ibiza they are beginning to mobilise. This is just the beginning. We will continue until politicians are willing to make changes.

"Our children have no chance of becoming independent, because rental prices are far above their means, even if they have an average salary. We are becoming poor workers without services. We can’t allow the greed of some to condemn our children to emigrate to have a decent life. The roads, beaches, bars and hospitals are saturated. Waste management is disastrous. Mega-polluting cruise ships are an attack that affects the air quality."

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Rafael Jimenez, a local police officer and spokesperson for 'Enough Ibiza', said: "We are not against tourism itself. We have nothing against the people who come and respect our island. A side effect of mass tourism is that house prices are rising.

"Everyone feels that everything is collapsing. More restaurants require more workers but these workers require places to live and there are ten looking for every place. There are nurses and police who live in caravans." Iván Fidalgo from the Association of Civil Guards in the Balearic Islands said: "They sell Ibiza as a first class resort, but it is not because it doesn’t even have the public services because there are not enough people to work in them," he told Euronews Travel.

Responding to the story, a Brit said: "Been to Spain a couple of times and found their Arrogance unbelievable . Will stick to the nice Guys in Portugal ." A second said: "Good for them. We learned how awful these tourists can be from when they all came to Cornwall instead of Spain during the pandemic."

"So it's only Brits who are shunned? Is it because we left the EU behind and you've sour grapes having lost your Brussels money pit?" another asked. "More likely they prefer tourists who don’t get drunk every night and churn out repulsive chants," another wrote.

"And how will they do that? You suggesting that other Nations do not holiday there because it is over run by Brits?" another asked.