I'd love to star on The Traitors, says Lala Kent

Lala Kent would love to star on 'The Traitors'.

The 33-year-old reality star has already been approached about appearing on the hit TV series and although she hasn't been able to commit to the programme, Lala would still love to do it one day.

Asked about the possibility during an Amazon Live, Lala explained: "The timing would have to be different.

"Season two, they approached me to gauge my interest on joining, and the timing was just really hard. So I never really say no to opportunity."

The reality star admitted to being a big fan of the show.

She said: "I feel like 'Traitors' would be just really fun. I’m excited to see season three because I feel like they have a really great cast. I’m sitting here like, ‘Wow.'”

Earlier this month, Lala admitted that she's "open" to exploring a career away from 'Vanderpump Rules'.

The reality star is best-known for her appearances on the programme - but she's now open to doing other things in her career.

Lala - who has Ocean, three, with her ex-partner Randall Emmett - said during an Amazon Live: "I’m kind of open to everything. And I don’t think at this stage of life or moment in time is any time for me to be making big decisions, because I’m pregnant and very hormonal."

Lala also revealed that, at some stage, she'd like to step back from the spotlight in order to focus on her family life.

The TV star - who split from Randall in acrimonious circumstances - said: "If I had it my way, I would crawl in a hole and nest for the rest of my life."