'Idris Elba's Fight School': Who are the boxing mentors?

Idris Elba uses boxing to turn young people's lives around. (BBC)
Idris Elba uses boxing to turn young people's lives around. (BBC)

Idris Elba is fronting a new show, Fight School, which sees him help turn around young lives through the discipline of boxing.

But what is the Luther star's background in the sport, and who is helping him coach the recruits?

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Here's all you need to know about the stars of Idris Elba's Fight School.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba chats to one of his recruits. (BBC)
Idris Elba chats to one of his recruits. (BBC)

Actor and DJ Elba is known for his high-profile roles in TV crime dramas Luther and The Wire.

However, he's drawn on his own experiences of boxing as a young man in this new BBC Two show which sees disadvantaged youngsters learn new skills and confidence through the sport.

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He said: "When I was young I joined a boxing club, and my trainer Joe took me under his wing. It was a real turning point in my life, teaching me discipline and control moving forward.

"During my own experience of fighting there was a level of peace I was able to achieve. Boxing requires you to switch off all the noise and focus on the moment, a skill that I believe all people need, especially younger people who need direction.

"Looking back at my own experiences, I’m reminded of how powerful boxing can be on disadvantaged young people, giving them a sense of purpose. This was the inspiration behind Fight School."

Rachel Bower

Rachel Bower is a Met detective. (BBC)
Rachel Bower is a Met detective. (BBC)

Fight School coach Bower, 39, is head of amateur boxing at Rathbone and Hawley ABC, an England Talent Pathway Coach and a Met Police Detective Sergeant.

She took up boxing while looking for a new challenge that would fit around her antisocial hours in the police and has gone on to win competitions and train as a coach.

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Bower said: "Whatever it may be, whether you think you can or you can't do it, you are probably right! Get your mindset right and remove your excuses then give it everything you've got. You'll see throughout the programme that those who do this get the most out of it."

Greg White

Greg White has been boxing since childhood. (BBC)
Greg White has been boxing since childhood. (BBC)

Elba and Bower are joined by White on the coaching team, the 35-year-old head coach at Rathbone and Camden Boxing Club.

He credits training, discipline and community in turning his life around after starting boxing at 12 and later taking his amateur boxing career to the US.

White said: "I joined my local boxing club to keep out of trouble with the police, and it really installed the focus and discipline I needed at the time. Boxing for me was life-changing. I met some really influential people through boxing and that has helped shape my life today."

Idris Elba's Fight School continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC Two.

Watch: Idris Elba says joining a boxing club was a 'real turning point' for him