If Your Pint Tastes A Bit Funny, Here’s The (Disgusting) Reason Why

Have you had a pint that tasted a bit ‘off’ recently?

Like most of us, you probably shrugged it off, thinking it must just be your taste buds - but there’s actually a more disgusting reason.

A report by Cask Marque has found that a third of us are being served through dirty pipes in the pub.

Many pubs – worried about losing money – aren’t cleaning regularly enough, and as a result, many of us are drinking pints served through grotty pipes.

But Cask Marque warns that landlords won’t save money in the long run.

‘If you have dirty beer lines and murky looking, foul tasting warm beer, you will soon have an empty pub,’ says the report.

‘When a clean is overdue wastage levels increase due to the lower quality beer, causing a lower yield.

‘Stopping regular cleaning starts a downwards spiral, you get an increase in waste, driving an even poorer yield as the consumer looks elsewhere for a quality product, lowering your overall revenues and GP.’