Ikea reissues recall of Malm drawers after eighth child dies - but they’re still on sale in the UK

Ikea has reissued a recall of millions of its chests of drawers after the death of an eighth child.

It recalled 17 million items in its Malm range and other chests and dressers in the US and Canada, saying they pose a ‘serious tip-over and entrapment hazard’ unless fixed to a wall.

It first recalled the products last year after four children were killed.

The latest recall in North America follows the death in May of two-year-old Jozef Dudek, who died in California after being trapped under a Malm dresser.

Four children have died in connection with the Malm range since 2011, while four others were killed as a result of other Ikea chests and dressers tipping over, with the first tragedy occurring in 1989.

Ikea has relaunched a recall of its Malm products (Picture: Rex)
Ikea has relaunched a recall of its Malm products (Picture: Rex)

Despite the recall in the US and Canada, Ikea has not made a similar move in the UK.

It says the products ‘meet all mandatory stability requirements’ and told consumers to make sure their furniture is fixed to a wall.


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Ikea chief executive Lars Petersson relaunched the recall this week following the latest death.

The products were recalled in China last year.

A spokeswoman for Ikea said there are no plans to expand the recall to other countries.

‘The most recent incident has indicated to us that there is more work to be done in spreading the message.

‘However, we had to wait to confirm that the product is IKEA, which took some time.

‘Our priority is and has always been to ensure that our products are safe to use.

Eight children have died in connection with the Ikea drawers (Picture: Rex)
Eight children have died in connection with the Ikea drawers (Picture: Rex)

‘That means securing the chest of drawers to the wall according to the assembly instructions, using the tip-over restraint provided with the product.

‘We don’t believe a global recall from IKEA would be the solution. Instead, we are convinced that we can make a difference by raising awareness among consumers of the tip-over risks and how to prevent them through the global Secure it! campaign.”

The new recall applies to children’s chests of drawers taller than 60cm and adult drawers taller than 75cm and includes the Malm range.

There have been reports of more than 300 incidents of tipping over in the US and Canada since 1985, resulting in eight deaths and 144 injuries to children.