I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix, 51, scolded by his mum for 'unacceptable' Josie Gibson row

Fred Sirieix made a special promise to his mum

Watch Fred Sirieix reveal his mum told him off for 'unacceptable' Josie Gibson row

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Fred Sirieix has confessed even his own mum sternly told him off for his "unacceptable" behaviour towards Josie Gibson in the I'm A Celebrity camp, saying: "I got a telling off from my mum."

During his appearance on This Morning, the trained chef was open and honest as he discussed his fallout with the presenter over her cooking after she was made camp chef. Rylan poked fun at the situation saying the First Dates star had a "hawk eye" on Gibson's cooking and grilled him over why.

Just out the jungle, the 51-year-old said he spoke to his angry mum who told him direct that his behaviour was "unacceptable" and she urged him not to behave like that in the future. Sirieix – who was the third voted out – confessed he was a little taken back and promised her it wouldn't happen again.

Fred Sirieix got a telling off from his mum after he left I'm A Celebrity (ITV/Shutterstock)
Fred Sirieix got a telling off from his mum after he left I'm A Celebrity. (ITV/Shutterstock)

What, how and why?

Speaking from Australia, he told the presenters: "This morning I spoke to my mum because she knew I was out and she spoke to me 'Fredrick' - she calls me that when she's upset - 'Frederick what did you do with Josie? Why are you telling her what to do? What was going through your mind?' I got a telling off from my mum.

"She said, 'Frederick I do not want to listen to you this is unacceptable, you can't do it and I do not want you to do this'. She didn't understand I was not in the jungle anymore. It's the way it is edited. She said, 'Frederick do not do it again'. I said, 'Mum I promise you I am not going to do it again. Next time Josie is cooking I will sit down and do nothing.' She was mad. I had to say, 'I'm not going to do it again'."

Josie Gibson was made camp chef on I'm A Celebrity
Josie Gibson was made camp chef. (ITV)

The food fan admitted that Gibson could cook a good meal on the evening but he revealed the reason to why he was agitated by her cooking. He added: "In all fairness the meals Josie cooked were good. She can cook the meal on the day. What I was concerned with was how she was able to use and recycle the bones and other vegetables and other meals in order to improve the day after. But that's it!"

Also in the jungle, Sirieix was in the centre of the drama when Nella Rose got angry with him for saying he was old enough to be her father. Sadly the influencer's dad has died and she was upset by the star's remark. Proving there was no bad blood between them, Sirieix shared his shock at the hate the social media star has received for the row and he said she was a "lovely" individual.

I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix admitted he was told off by his mum for his
I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix spoke about the rows in camp. (ITV screengrab)

Looking back, he said: "It was a misunderstanding. The jungle is like a pressure cooker. All I wanted to say I was very surprised the hate for Nella when I came out. It was totally unfair. That's all I would say. Nella is a lovely girl. Things happen and you move on. I don't know what all this fuss is about."

Going into the jungle was always going to be a challenge and Sirieix said he had been preparing for it ever since receiving the call from TV bosses. The star didn't mind sharing that he had even had nightmares about taking part ahead of the series.

He said: "It was a test. It was a challenge. It was something I wanted to do for awhile. What is it going to be like in there? I had to try. When I found out I was going in the jungle, I had nightmares for three months dreaming about bugs. Waking up I could see them on my pillow. That's how I prepared.

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has a huge online following (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose had a row with Fred Sirieix in the jungle. (ITV)

"I trained for six months, gruelling training to be ready. In the jungle - what people don't see on television - is it is a very big camp. If you want to get the wood or the water, you have to go all the way down. Because you don't eat anything, you only eat rice and beans, you need the calories, you need the energy. By the end of the day you are walking so slowly. It's really difficult."

TV host Emma Willis probed Sirieix over why he didn't tell her, but he revealed he had signed a contract with ITV to say he wouldn't tell anyone. He added: "Ok. Emma I have to tell you I was told categorically you mustn't tell a soul. And I didn't. If you tell me something, you can trust me. I am reliable.

"I didn't tell anybody but my family, the children, that's all. I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about it in January. I'm so sorry Emma. Then the list of the names was leaked. It wasn't me. Maybe it was the people who were telling me don't tell the world."

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