I’m A Celebrity’s Nella Rose breaks silence on rows after jungle exit

Nella Rose has admitted her row with Fred Sirieix was a 'big fat misunderstanding'

Watch Nella Rose break silence on rows after I'm A Celebrity

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I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has spoken out for the first time after her jungle exit in a new interview with Emma Willis and Rylan on This Morning on Wednesday.

Dialling in from Australia, the influencer has finally shared her thoughts on her rows with Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage that played a big part in the camp drama, as well as making Josie Gibson the camp chef. The social media star was the second star voted out but she had delayed her TV interviews until the following day to give her time to reflect on her experiences.

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has broken her silence after she delayed her post-exit jungle interviews.
I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has broken her silence after she delayed her post-exit jungle interviews.

What, how and why?

In a surprise U-turn, Rose admitted that her row with Sirieix was a "big fat misunderstanding" - just days after telling Sam Thompson and Danielle Harold that "Fred made my life hell". They clashed after the First Dates star had playfully said he was old enough to be her father very early on in the series. She took great offence at the time as her dad died in 2020.

I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix is swapping luxury food for creepy crawlies (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix and Nella Rose had a big misunderstanding. (ITV)

As This Morning were also interviewing Sirieix, Rylan acknowledged he would be a few feet away from her. "He's just there!" Rose said. Then she explained the pair had made up following the series of jungle rows.

She said: "I haven’t been able to watch anything back yet. I know everything that happened. It was a big fat misunderstanding. We’ve gone over it. Me and Fred are cool. I don’t know why everyone is still talking about it. I understand, it’s TV. In the jungle everything intensifies."

Rose spoke from the heart as she said thinking about her late dad still hurts. She added: "Yeah so obviously that subject is very triggering for me, It’s a fresh wound. Everything is intensified. It is what is."

Not taking herself too seriously though, she confessed she actually loved all the drama and would deliberately stir things up in camp. Rose had sparked a huge row between Sirieix and Gibson after she made the This Morning presenter the camp chef.

She explained: "I mean in the jungle the little bits of drama is your EastEnders. It’s your little bit of entertainment. If I could stir the pot, I did, it’s just who I am."

What else did Nella Rose talk about?

Nella Rose ended her unlikely friendship with Nigel Farage
Nella Rose ended her unlikely friendship with Nigel Farage. (ITV)

As well as her disagreements with Sirieix, Rose ended her friendship with Nigel Farage. They had one huge fallout over immigration and another over cultural appropriation.

She told the presenters: "We had some really interesting conversations that need to be had. It is what is it. I feel like in life it’s good to hear different people’s opinions. Me and Nigel come from two walks from life. We can share our opinions and agree to disagree. No one gets hurt. It’s fine."

Rylan and Willis also highlighted how happy the influencer looked now she had left the jungle. Already Rose admitted she had been enjoying all of her favourite treats in the past 48 hours. Still in Australia with her sister, she said: "I’m living my best life. I’m with my family. I’m living it up."

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose does Bushtucker trial (ITV screengrab)
I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose was terrified doing the Bushtucker trials. (ITV screengrab)

Despite the rows, the influencer celebrated her jungle experience. Asked if she enjoyed it, she said: "One thousand percent! I really pushed myself to the limits. The confined spaces, snakes! I can’t believe I was in that proximity to snakes... Yeah it’s an experience I do not regret."

A gleeful Rose revealed she had no regrets about I'm A Celebrity. She said: "I don’t think there is anything I would change. With me, what you see is get. I’m like marmite. You either love me or hate me." She explained she had made friends for life. She added: "I will never forget the experience."

Rose has done the most Bushtucker trials this series, having completed eight. Rylan joked she had done about 4,800 and she playfully pointed out it was more like 6,000. She said: "The trials were so scary. Obviously seeing on TV, yes I can do this. It’s light work. But in those situations you are like s***e this is some crazy stuff." She added: "You’ve got to tell yourself you can do it man."

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