I'm A Celebrity's Owen Warner realises he's been saying a common word wrong for his whole life

Owen Warner has made his I'm A Celebrity castmates laugh in disbelief. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Owen Warner has made his I'm A Celebrity castmates laugh in disbelief. (Shutterstock/ITV)

Owen Warner has made his I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! campmates laugh with another funny admission as it dawned on him he had been saying a common word wrong for his whole life.

The Hollyoaks actor, who plays Romeo Nightingale in the soap, was enjoying an evening chat around the campfire with Babatunde Aléshé and Charlene White, who were discussing jet lag.

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Aléshé said: "That jet lag is going to be mad," prompting a shocked-looking Warner to interrupt: "Jet LAG?"

White confirmed: "Yeah, jet lag."

Warner, 23, admitted: "I thought it was jet lack - ck. Why has no one corrected me?"

Aléshé and White burst into laughter and rolled their eyes, as Aléshé told him: "I mean, you know now, bro."

Warner, letting his new knowledge settle in, said: "Yeah, coz I've heard you say jet lag. You said it and then you said it, and then I was like, if both of you are saying it, it must be..."

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One viewer tweeted: "The so well known concept of Jet Lack that everyone talks about when they travel the world! Bless Owen!"

Someone else commented: "How many times have people heard Owen say "jet lack" and simply not corrected him? He's 23!"

Owen Warner and Matt Hancock
Owen Warner wasn't sure who Matt Hancock was or what he'd done. (ITV)

The actor has had viewers and co-stars laughing since his first moments on the show, when while watching Scarlette Douglas arrive for welcome drinks Boy George told him: "She's from A Place In The Sun."

Warner asked: "Whereabouts?" as Boy George clarified: "No, like the TV show."

He also asked music icon Boy George and fellow soap star Sue Cleaver what their names were, and later asked Mike Tindall whether his royal wife Zara Phillips was Australian.

When Matt Hancock entered camp to the shock of the other celebrities, a grinning Warner admitted: "I don't fully understand the mistakes he has made to be honest. I don't follow politics.

"But yeah, I'm up for just judging him in here."

Radio star Chris Moyles has been having an ongoing joke at Warner's expense after convincing him that he is a world champion ballroom dancer and has appeared in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

I'm A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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