I'm Bummed The Rookie: Feds Got Canceled, But Niece Nash Had A Great Attitude About It

 Niecy nash-betts on the rookie: feds.
Niecy nash-betts on the rookie: feds.

For all the great news that came from the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the aftermath hasn’t been 100% positive across the entire industry. While plenty of blockbuster-sized projects are now able to get back into the swing of things — from Superman: Legacy to Deadpool 3 to Stranger Things Season 5 — The Rookie: Feds was canceled at ABC, with several other in-the-works projects also getting axed as networks reconfigure the TV schedule. It’s an absolute bummer for the millions of fans who tuned into Season 1, but star Niecy Nash chose to take the higher road in response to the cancellation, and I love-love-love the positivity.

Niecy Nash cemented her status as a comedy icon (at least in my eyes) with her role as Deputy Raineesha Williams across 20 years of Reno 911! projects, and the Emmy-nominated actress brings that same energy to every role she takes on, including that of FBI agent Simone Clark. That glass-half-full attitude was on full display in the Instagram video seen below, in which Nash shares appreciation for the “family” she connected with during her Feds experience.

By and large, it seems like being part of The Rookie: Feds cast and crew was a hoot and a holler, with Niecy Nash serving as a big reason why everyone’s time on the set was enjoyable. It takes a village, metaphorically speaking, to bring a network TV show like this together, and that process can easily become a strain or worse without cohesion and collaboration. And while it’s obviously a shame that the Feds family won’t be getting back together for Season 2, at least everyone involved was able to take part in this experience together.

It’d be one thing if Nash was the only person sharing the notion that The Rookie: Feds team got along so well, but her comment section featured more than a few actors and crew members who worked with Nash during Season 1, as seen below:

  • Devika Bhise: The most amazing #1 we could have ever asked for!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • J. August Richards: So glad I got to work with you, Terrence, my brotha James and everyone there! A truly amazing group of people… Congratulations on a great season! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Eric Winter: ❤️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️

  • Kellee Stewart: Aaaaaaamen!!! Congratulations on a beautiful season of work!!! Y’all slayed it and we’re not done seeing y’all yet!

  • Juani Feliz: 😍 the memories is what it’s all about! I had a blast playing with you guys 

  • Jeff Wolfe: 😢so crazy… family indeed. Had an amazing time being a part of it and grateful for you 🔥

It’s easy to imagine that each of the talents above would work with Niecy Nash again in a flash if the opportunity presented itself. And here’s hoping that chance does come, if only to give Simone’s story a proper close-out. The actress herself was optimistic about the show’s renewal chances over the summer, months before strike-related agreements were made, and even though those feelings are for nought at this point, I do hope The Rookie’s creative team finds a way to bring Nash’s #1 back into the fold for at least one more case.

For those who can’t wait to see Niecy Nash in other projects, she also took to IG to hype up the upcoming drama Origin, from director Ava DuVernay, which debuted at TIFF and left CinemaBlend’s own Corey Chichizola sobbing in the theater.

As Nash pointed out, all 22 episodes are available to stream with a Hulu subscription, so it’s technically possible that enough people binge-watching the show could spark renewed interest in a second season, possibly as a streaming exclusive. But probably not something to pin one’s hopes on, all things considered.