'I'm a cougar – cheeky younger lads ask me to cook for them in the nude'

Ms T
-Credit: (Image: cougargreenzz/Instagram)

A self-proclaimed cougar left fans begging for her to cook for them after she posted a racy video online.

The Italian woman, known online as Ms T (@cougargreenzzx), is known for posting risqué snaps and videos online, while proudly describing herself as a cougar. A "cougar" refers to an older woman who seeks romantic or sexual relationships with significantly younger men.

The 52-year-old, from Scottsdale in the US, was seen wearing nothing more than a black thong under her apron as she pulled a tray of freshly baked cookies out of the oven. She pulled faces at the camera, to a soundbite of Mr Oopy's 'I Love Cookies'.

She gained more than 1,700 views as she turned away from the camera bent over the kitchen countertop. "MMM... Cookies," she wrote in the caption.

Ms T
She's a self-proclaimed proud cougar -Credit:cougargreenzz/Instagram

The clip left her Instagram fans stunned, with many begging for her to cook for them. One user said: "I'd love to be watching you bake cookies baby."

Another added: "Love anything you make sexy lady looks like a midnight snack. Killer bod," while a third commented: "Good yummy cookies." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "I'm thinking that the cook would be better eating than the cookies!"

And other users flooded the comments with hearts and other explicit emojis to express their admiration.

Recently she had fans drooling after she shared of herself in her kitchen wearing a black basque. She then turned to the side to give fans a slight glance at her bum, which appeared to be completely bare, while she grinned at the camera.

In the text over the video, which gained more than 9,000 likes, the proud cougar asked her followers: "How is this for over 50?" But fans couldn't believe it and branded her "ageing goals".