It's important not to surround yourself with sycophants, says Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman welcomes feedback credit:Bang Showbiz
Nicole Kidman welcomes feedback credit:Bang Showbiz

Nicole Kidman refuses to surround herself with "sycophants".

The Oscar-winning actress appreciates the unfiltered feedback she receives from her friends and family, including her teenage daughters.

Nicole, 57 - who has Sunday Rose, 15, and Faith Margaret, 13, with her husband Keith Urban - told PEOPLE: "They’re very supportive. But they're also like, ‘OK, calm down.' But I do think it's important not to have sycophants [around you]."

Nicole tries to remain level-headed, regardless of whether she's being criticised or praised.

The Hollywood star - who also has Isabella, 31, and Connor, 29, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - said: "It's not also seeking out really horrible criticism … We're all a work in progress, as they say."

Meanwhile, Nicole plays Zac Efron's on-screen love interest in 'A Family Affair', their new rom-com movie.

And the award-winning actress recently revealed that she considers the script to be a breath of fresh air.

She explained to PEOPLE: "We’ve had it from way back with older men and younger women, that’s just always been the norm - it’s okay, it’s completely acceptable. The problem is we’ve not had the equivalent from all different viewpoints, with women telling the stories. And we need game men.

"[Zac] came in and makes the film because he was like, 'I’m here to have fun, to play, and to very much be a part of this and be there for you.'"

Nicole feels they both benefited from the experience of working together before.

The actress - who starred alongside Zac in 2012's 'The Paperboy' - said: "It's really helpful when you're doing this sort of work together that you've already got a history together, because it's easy. You're not working to create a history. So I'm not like, ‘Can I touch you?’ I feel incredibly trusting of Zac."