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Face plant

A fox smashes into a snowdrift trying to catch its breakfast. (Angela Bohlke/Barcroft Media)

The incredible winners of the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

A face-planting fox, a law-abiding cheetah and a gurning zebra are among the subjects of the winning entries to this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography awards.

The winners were chosen from a pool of thousands for a combination of excellent photographic skill and perfect comedy timing.

But there’s a serious message behind the amusing snaps – the awards also aim to raise awareness of the importance of global conservation efforts.

Judge Tom Sullam said: “Animals can make you laugh without even knowing why. It is the anthropomorphic behaviour.

“There is also such a broad range of animals, from so many countries, that it really raises the awareness of conservation on a global scale.

“Entries came from Argentina to Sweden, from the USA to Hungary, Australia to Russia, China to South Africa, and everywhere in between!”