New Indian grab and go food outlet to open at Nottingham train station

A general view of Nottingham Train Station from the new Unity Square building
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

A new food outlet could open at Nottingham train station, bringing passengers sub-continental street delicacies. A planning application regarding the grab and go takeaway was submitted to Nottingham City Council.

The proposed restaurant does not require structural modifications, according to the planning documents, and a non-structural stud wall, menu boards, and other necessary equipment will be installed. The outlet would be located inside unit 4 at the station, and owners have received all the necessary approvals from East Midlands Railway.

Mohammad Taimoor Ali Khan, who submitted the planning application for TIM TIM Sub-Continental Street Food, said: "As a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for providing quality food and service to the community, I believe that our food outlet would not only enhance the amenities available at the station but also contribute positively to the overall experience of travellers and visitors alike. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate a modern yet simple food display within the historical context of the station, ensuring that its traditional charm and architectural significance remain intact.

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"Our commitment to preserving the historical and traditional look of the station is paramount. We understand and respect the heritage of this iconic landmark, and our design plans prioritise maintaining its integrity while offering a contemporary food experience.

"Our proposed establishment will blend harmoniously with the existing surroundings, paying homage to the station's rich history while catering to the diverse culinary preferences of patrons." The restaurant will also create a number of job opportunities and support local suppliers 'wherever possible'.

Other food outlets at Nottingham Station include Costa Coffee, Upper Crust, and Pumpkin Café, with a Co-op supermarket also located inside the station.