Influencer shares hack to curl hair using just a PILL BOTTLE

An influencer shared a hack to curl hair without a tong - using just a pill bottle.

Jillian Kreski, 25, discovered a technique to create bouncy curls - using the unexpected household item.

The product developer didn't have space to pack her curling iron for a wedding in July - but found a way to get the same effect using pill bottles.

Using Tylenol bottle and Pepto Bismol bottles she borrowed from friends, she curled her hair around them and secured it with claw clips.

Incredibly, the outcome looked exactly the same as her normal curler - and she recommends the space-saving hack.

Jillian, an influencer, from Manhattan, New York, US, said: "I usually style my hair with rollers because that's how I like it, but I couldn't bring them.

"I used whatever pill bottles my friends had in the bathroom and pinned them with claw clips.

"I sat with them in for around 10 minutes and they came out with a nice curl - just like with my rollers.

"You could do it with any roller-shaped object - a banana, a water bottle, whatever you've got to hand.

"As long as you have clips or something to hold it in place, you can use anything."