'Inspiring' Glasgow dad battling brain tumour undergoes intense treatment as thousands raised

Joe with his family during happier times.
Joe with his family during happier times. -Credit:Supplied

Thousands of pounds have been raised for a young Glasgow dad and his family following a tragic diagnosis.

Joe McBrearty, who lives in Deaconsbank, in the south side, with wife Hayley and their little girl Emily, was happily dancing in his living room with the two-year-old tot. Around three hours later, he was rushed to hospital.

The 37-year-old was struggling to speak and could not get his words out. Medics initially thought he was having a stroke before Joe took a seizure.

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The seizure happened in February and an MRI scan soon after showed that he had an "aggressive" stage 4 brain tumour which came as a "major shock". The dad, who is expecting his second child with Hayley in September, is currently undergoing intense treatment and has had vital brain surgery to remove the majority of the tumour.

His life has changed completely and he is now unable to work, drive and even some days get out of bed.

Joe told Glasgow Live: "I never thought, when I went into hospital, that I would be getting this diagnosis. It was like a kick in the backside but I just thought I’ve got to fight this for my loved ones.

"It’s been tough on Hayley but she has been my rock. It’s been quite full on.

"I'm used to being fully on the ball with regards to working but now I’m free all the time. I try keeping myself busy with jobs around the house.

The family-of-three are set to expand later this year as Hayley is pregnant with their second child.
The family-of-three are set to expand later this year as Hayley is pregnant with their second child. -Credit:Supplied

"They gave me 12 to 16 months to live after my surgery but a lot of people have had the same condition and have stayed on longer so I am thinking of the positives."

Friends have described the popular soon to be dad-of-two as 'one of the world's genuine good guys' and have since launched a fundraiser in a bid to raise some cash for the family and the Beatson, to support them during such difficult times.

Despite Joe's condition being deemed terminal, he and his family remain determined to 'beat it', with incredible support behind him.

He added: "It gives me comfort knowing the support I have from friends and family. Even people that I don’t know have been in touch.

"Thank you to everybody who has been involved and dropped by the house. Everyone has been kind which is great.

"It is fantastic and overwhelming.

The couple will soon be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary
The couple will soon be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary. -Credit:Supplied

"I spoke to other people who were told they have 12 months to live; three years later they are still here. I am thinking positive and have nothing else to lose, I need to fight for what I have got, there’s no other option."

The couple will soon be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary after tying the knot last summer at the beautiful La Cala Golf Resort in Spain.

Joe is fondly known as 'The Pro' and is widely known in the Glasgow golfing community. Having started his career at Haggs Castle Golf Club, he later settled at Mearns Castle Golf Academy where works as the Assistant Manager and has been "instrumental" in the growth of the complex.

The young dad has been described as "happy, cheeky, dedicated and loyal", someone who has done "so much for others" - now, his friends are rallying to give back to him.

A JustGiving page has been set up for Joe and his family with a target of £20,000 - a contribution of which will go to the Beatson Cancer Charity. One of Joe's good friend and colleague has set himself a major challenge where he will play the 'longest' game of golf on Friday, June 21.

Joe is determined to put up a fight to spend more time with his lovely family.
Joe is determined to put up a fight to spend more time with his lovely family. -Credit:Supplied

Expected to be four and a half rounds with a par of 297, the day will kick-start at 5am and hopefully round off by 10pm. As well, contributors who guess the closest amounts of shots taken on the day wins an overnight stay at Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel.

So far £12,720 has been raised with many touching comments and words of support posted to the page.

A former colleague of Joe, Sharon McSevney, said "I had the pleasure of working alongside Joe for many years at Haggs Castle Golf Club. Joe is universally adored for his charm, wit, and kindness. By highlighting this fundraiser, I'm confident that it will swiftly surpass its target".

Discussing Joe's diagnosis on the JustGiving page, the organiser wrote: "This came as a major shock to him, his family and his friends, that someone so young, bright and full of energy could be diagnosed with such a horrendous form of cancer.

"In essence this is a terminal diagnosis, but Joe and his family are determined to beat it- and we are all there with him on his journey!

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"Joe is currently undergoing some of the most intensive treatment to try and save his life including major brain surgery to remove the majority of the tumour, followed by months of intensive radio and chemotherapy.

"This has led to him being unable to drive, some days unable to get out of bed, unable to work, and at times, unable to golf (this is what he misses the most). His optimism and courage during all of this has been so inspiring to all around him."

To donate to the fundraiser please click here.

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