Where are we supposed to park then? Tesco shoppers baffled by parking spaces blocked by bollards

Rishma Dosani

Shoppers have been left baffled by a bizarre car park, which prevents motorists from parking in spaces after blocking them with bollards.
Angry motorists have had to resort to parking in a nearby bus stop when visiting Tesco Express in the Hall Green area of Birmingham, after the local council decided to block off its own parking spaces.
Five of the seven spaces at the store are completely unusable, leaving shoppers battling for a spot.
Tesco customer Trudy Anstey, 56, said: "It's completely stupid. Goodness knows who thought up the idea.

"The parking spaces have always been difficult to get into, but then they put up these bollards, which blocked them off completely.
"There's a bus stop right outside the store and more and more people end up parking there, which is dangerous for people getting on and off the bus, but there is nowhere else to park.

Of the two useable spaces, one is marked for disabled drivers which, when parked in, blocks access to the other remaining spot.
"It's a small store, so people only nip in for a few minutes, but when you come out again, someone's usually blocking you in and it causes complete chaos," Trudy added.
"It's our only local shop, on a very busy road, so it's a nightmare. I don't know how there haven't been more accidents there."

A Tesco spokesperson said: “The council made thedecision to put the bollards in. We objected at the time and agree with ourcustomers who would like to see the bollards removed.”