Is this gigantic Huntsman spider the biggest ever seen?

Jane Howdle

To all arochnophobics, we are so, so sorry.

This terrifying image of an enormous Huntsman spider was snapped on an animal rescue farm in Queensland’s Brisbane Valley back in 2015.

Since resurfacing on social media it’s gone viral, picking up more than 6,000 comments and nearly 3,000 shares.

Standout comments included this from Kayla Becher, who said: “I WOULD DIE I WOULD ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY DIE IF I SAW THIS.”

The humongous arachnid is pictured making its way across a web-matted broom while a brave human looks on.

Known as Charlotte, the Huntsman has been described as a “beautiful, calm spider living in peace”.

OMG: This is one eye-catching arachnid (Barnyard Betty's/Facebook)
OMG: This is one eye-catching arachnid (Barnyard Betty’s/Facebook)

Barnyard Betty’s, the rescue centre where she was pictured, has been overwhelmed by the sudden interest in the epic spider, admitting they’re not sure why Charlotte has suddenly become an internet sensation.

They confirmed on their Facebook page: “Yes she is very real and very large and not photo shopped!!

“I released her here on the farm after rescuing her so I can’t get anymore photos or video I’m sorry.

“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace. She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed! Poor spiders are so misunderstood!”

The Huntsman is a common sight in Australia. While it makes for an alarming visual spectacle, it’s not considered to be a concern to healthy humans. Some Aussies appreciate their presence, as they feast on that other known pest – cockroaches.

Top image: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue/Facebook