Is this the silliest cycle lane in Britain? Chesterfield bike lane 'an embarrassment to town'

Council chiefs have been left red faced after cyclists slammed a brand-new bike lane – which is just four metres (13ft) long.

The super-short cycle lane was painted in Beetwell Street in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, this month and was immediately slammed by the town’s cycling community.

Bike commuter Will Jones, 22, said: “It makes the council a laughing stock really. Why on earth would anybody need a cycle lane so short? It’s stupid."

Cyclist Lisa Jennings, 36, said: "It’s an embarrassment to the town.

"There are so many dangerous roads which really do need a cycle lane, but don’t. So to paint this pathetic little lane is just an insult to cyclist who are forced to use genuinely dangerous roads which still don’t have a cycle lane.

"The council needs to get its priorities straight."

                                                       [Pedestrian anger at giant cycle lane]

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