'This Isn’t Normal!' Mannequin Hanging From Pro-Trump Home Shocks California Resident

A Trump-supporting homeowner agreed to remove a mannequin hanging by a noose from the side of his home in Brentwood, California, on November 5, though county prosecutors said the act was protected under the First Amendment, police said.

The figure was hanging among pro-Trump decorations placed on and around the home on Craig Court, right next to Garin Parkway, as captured in this footage from a passing vehicle.

The person who shared the footage on Twitter expressed shock at the sight, writing: “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Saw this on my way home off & I’m SICK and SCARED. Please RT! This CANNOT & WILL NOT slide!!! Can’t have 4 more years of this type of America!! This isn’t normal!! This isn’t human!!”

Police said the “mannequin was clothed and displayed a black ball cap, covering the mannequin’s face, a long sleeved shirt, and denim blue jeans.” Across the mannequin’s chest was a cardboard sign that read “Sleepy Joe (Cheater),” they added.

Police consulted the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office which said “offensive expression is protected under the First Amendment” so no crime had been committed, the Brentwood Police Department said.

Police added that “The Brentwood Police Department’s investigation into this matter will be forwarded to the United States Secret Service for their review.” Credit: @cammillllee via Storyful