Israel-Hamas latest updates: 12 killed at hospital in Gaza surrounded by IDF tanks

Israel claims militants fired at its troops from within the Indonesian Hospital, forcing the IDF to retaliate.

Tanks seen stationed near Indonesian Hospital, Gaza (Reuters)
Tanks seen stationed near Indonesian Hospital, in nothern Gaza (Reuters) (Reuters)

Israeli tanks have surrounded a hospital in northern Gaza, with health authorities claiming at least 12 Palestinians have been killed in fighting.

Health officials claimed 700 patients along with staff were under Israeli fire at the Indonesia Hospital, while Palestinian news agency WAFA said the facility in the north-east Gaza town of Beit Lahia had been hit by artillery rounds.

Israel has insisted no shells were fired toward the hospital and said its troops were retaliating to an attack by Hamas militants.

World Health Organization chief Tedros Ghebreyesus said he was "appalled" by the attack on the hospital, which is funded by Jakarta.

Indonesia's foreign minister Retno Marsudi, appeared to squarely lay the blame at Israel's fault, describing it as a "clear violation of international humanitarian laws" and urging Israel to "stop its atrocities".

In response to a question about the hospital, the IDF said troops had fired back at fighters in the hospital while taking "numerous measures to minimise harm" to non-combatants.

"Overnight, terrorists opened fire from within the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza toward IDF troops operating outside the hospital," the military said. "In response, IDF troops directly targeted the specific source of enemy fire. No shells were fired toward the hospital."

It follows an Israeli raid on Shifa hospital - Gaza's largest - launched last week by troops in search of what it believed to be a command centre used by Hamas.

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  • Yahoo News Uk

    Médecins Sans Frontières says Gaza City clinic attacked

    Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says its clinic in Gaza City came under fire on Monday morning.

    It said a wall was torn down, and part of the charity's building was "engulfed by fire, as heavy fighting took place all around it".

    An MSF staff member and 20 relatives are in the clinic and in extreme danger, the charity said, adding that it doesn't know their status.

    It is urging people to stop fighting in the area, warning that 50 others, including MSF staff are in nearby buildings.

  • Yahoo News Uk

    Israel recalls its ambassador to South Africa amid calls to close embassy

    Demonstrators protest in support of Palestinians as they march to Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa (Reuters)

    Israel has recalled its ambassador to South Africa for consultations following the "latest statements" by the country, Israel's Foreign Ministry has said.

    South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party on Thursday had said it would support a parliamentary motion calling for the Israeli embassy to be closed.

    South Africa, which is highly critical of Israel's campaign in Gaza against Hamas, has recalled its diplomats from Israel.

  • Yahoo News Uk

    Joe Biden says he 'believes' hostage deal will be made soon

    Joe Biden has says he believes a deal to release hostages held by Hamas in Gaza will be made soon.

    The US president was answering a question by a reporter at a Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House on Monday.

    Qatar, which has been mediating negotiations, between the US, Israel and Hamas, said on Sunday that only 'minor' obstacles were in the way.

    The deal could potentially involve a limited ceasefire, the release of some Palestinian women and children from Israeli jails, and an increase in the amount of humanitarian aid allowed into Gaza.

  • Yahoo News Uk

    Family of girl, 9, held hostage by Hamas say Israel should 'give them what they want'

    Thomas Hand says he is doubtful over a deal being made to free hostages (Alamy)

    The father of a nine-year-old girl kidnapped by Hamas has said Israel should "give them what they want" to secure the release of his daughter.

    Emily Hand, who is Irish-Israeli, is among 240 hostages who were abducted by Hamas gunmen 45 days ago.

    But despite reports negotiators are nearing a deal to release some of the captives, Emily's father, Thomas Hand, is doubtful.

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    Elon Musk's X insists it is tackling antisemitism as advertisers pull out

    Elon Musk's X has faced a wave of advertisers pulling out due to concerns over hate speech (Alamy)

    The CEO of X has told employees that "data will tell the real story" about its efforts to battle antisemitism, according to a note to employees.
    Linda Yaccarino's message comes as the social media company loses several major advertisers, including IBM and Comcas due to concerns of hate speech on the platform.
    On Thursday, and media watchdog group Media Matters said it had found that ads for major brands had appeared next to posts that touted Nazism.
    "While some advertisers may have temporarily paused investments because of a misleading and manipulated article, the data will tell the real story," Yaccarino said in the Sunday night note to employees.
    Over the weekend, Musk posted on X that his company would file a "thermonuclear" lawsuit against Media Matters for what he said was a "fraudulent attack" on the platform. An X representative confirmed that the company would sue the nonprofit organization, possibly as early as Monday.
    Media Matters president Angelo Carusone called Musk a "bully who threatens meritless lawsuits in an attempt so silence reporting that he even confirmed is accurate".

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    'My life has changed forever': Humza Yousaf's mother-in-law describes escape from Gaza

    Humza Yousaf's mother-in-law was visiting family in Gaza when the Israel-Hamas war began (Alamy)

    The Scottish first minister's mother-in-law has told of her devastation of the Israel-Hamas war and said she has "left her heart in Gaza".

    Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged were visiting family in Gaza when the conflict erupted on 7 October.

    The couple from Dundee - whose daughter Nadia El-Nakla is married to Humza Yousaf - survived neighbouring bombings and were eventually able to make it back home to Scotland after four weeks of a "living nightmare".

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    Japan 'directly approaching' Yemen's Houthi rebels over hijacked cargo ship

    Japan’s government said it was “directly approaching” Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels after they hijacked a Japanese-operated cargo ship with dozens of crew on board in the Red Sea.

    Galaxy Leader, a car carrier, was seized on Sunday by the Houthis and taken to a Yemeni port.

    The rebel group claimed the ship, which is thought to be British-owned, was Israeli.

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  • Yahoo News Uk

    First temporary hospital since war began is being set up in Gaza

    Jordan is providing a field hospital for southern Gaza which has the capacity of 41 beds.

    The temporary hospital will be set up in Khan Younis, having been ordered by Jordan's King Abdullah II.

    It comes as more than half of Gaza's 35 hospitals are no longer functioning, according to the World Health Organisation, due to Israeli bombardment or a lack of fuel and supplies to keep running.

  • Yahoo News Uk

    WHO chief says 12 premature babies from evacuated hospital flown to Cairo

    Today 12 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's biggest hospital were flown to Cairo for further treatment, the World Health Organisation's head Tedros Ghebreyesus has said.

    A total of 31 premature babies were taken from al-Shifa hospital, in Gaza City, as Israeli troops stormed the facility in search of what it believes to be a Hamas command centre.

    Out of those, three are being treated at the Emarati Hospital in southern Gaza, while 28 were taken across the border to Egypt's al-Arish hospital, with 12 moving on from there to Cairo.

    "All babies are fighting serious infections and other conditions, and need specialised medical care," Ghebreyesus added.

  • Yahoo News Uk

    Gaza death toll rises to 13,300 as Israel-Hamas war enters seventh week

    The aftermath of an sraeli bombardment of Deir el-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip (Getty Images)

    At least 13,300 Palestinians have been killed since Israel's war with Hamas began on 7 October, health authorities in Gaza have said.

    Among the dead in Gaza are 5,600 children and 3,550 women, the territories' media office said today.

    Gaza's health ministry does not differentiate between civilian and combatant deaths.

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