Issue of providing Ukraine with ATACMS missiles ‘still in play,’ says Biden

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Answering a question from U.S. journalist Alex Raufoglu about the raising of the tempo of Russian attacks on the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv, Biden said that “it’s not unexpected.”

“That’s why we got to continue to give Ukraine all they need,” the U.S. president said.

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Then Biden was asked whether “it is time for ATACMS to Ukraine.”

“That’s still in play,” he replied.

The decision of the United Kingdom to transfer Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine does not change the position of the United States on providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with long-range missiles, Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder said on May 15.

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that Western countries do not transfer U.S. long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine since there are not so many of them in the world, as well as fearing that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may strike at targets on Russian territory.

U.S. television channel CNN reported on May 11 that the United Kingdom had already supplied Kyiv with several Storm Shadow missiles capable of striking targets from distances of over 250 kilometers.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace officially confirmed this information, emphasizing that the missiles would be used only on the country’s sovereign territory.

The Ukrainian military is already successfully using the Storm Shadow missiles, Reznikov said on May 24.

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French President Emmanuel Macron announced on May 15 that France would transfer missiles to Ukraine with sufficient range to fend off Russian attacks during an upcoming counter-offensive, but not hit Russia itself.

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