Italians sing from their homes while living under coronavirus lockdown

Italians having been trying to make the most of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown by filling the empty streets with singing.

Twitter users in the country, which is the second worst affected by the infection after China, have filmed people singing from their balconies.

Food shops and pharmacies have remained open but most businesses have closed and Italians need a permit to explain why they are out of their houses.

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But they have managed to keep their spirits up by singing in videos recorded by Twitter users.

Yemi Adeyeye recorded people in her neighbourhood singing the national anthem.

Another user, Jenna Vehviläinen, a Finnish-Italian journalist in Rome, recorded her neighbours.

And another Twitter user, in Siena, recorded harmonies from people on their deserted street.

In Sicily, a whole set of flats was getting in on the act.

Italy has recorded more than 17,000 cases, far more than those recorded by other European states, and more than 1,200 deaths.

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New infections in Italy rose by more than 2,500 on Friday and virus-related deaths made their biggest single-day increase of 250.

Italians have shared their stories under the lockdown, with one family telling Yahoo News UK about their experience living under the restrictions, while a nurse has shared her experience with tackling the disease on social media.

Globally, more than 145,000 cases have been confirmed, with Johns Hopkins University in the US tracking 71,000 recoveries and more than 5,000 deaths.

Cases in China have eased off drastically, with authorities there reporting 13 new deaths and 11 new cases on Saturday.