It’s Not You! Frenchwoman Goes On Spending Spree After Mistakenly Thinking She Won The Lottery

A French shop advertising the lottery  (Rex)

Well they only said it could be you.

A Frenchwoman who thought she had scooped a big win on the EuroMillions lottery immediately went on a spending spree only for her family to find out she had picked the wrong numbers.

The woman, from eastern France, spent thousands of euros only for the cheques to bounce and now the only thing she has won is a suspended jail sentence and an order to pay back the money.

EuroMillions tickets (Rex)

The woman thought she had struck it big early in 2014.

After ‘winning’ she went shopping, buying perfumes, clothes and ornaments worth more than €4,000 (3,000 pounds).

However, her worried family, unnerved by her spending, decided to check her numbers and found she hat not won at all.

It was left to the woman’s husband to point out that she hadn’t picked the right numbers.

This week, the woman in her 40s from the Doubs departement, reported The Local France, found herself in court on fraud charges.

Officials heard that when she found out she was not a winner, the woman invented a story that her handbag had been stolen.

However CCTV footage revealed her theft story to be false and she confessed to police.

A court in Besancon has handed her a four-month suspended sentence and to pay back the money.