ITV The 1% Club winner takes home £99k - but can you answer the final question?

Lee Mack

The 1% Club saw a big win tonight as a player walked away with a mega £99,000. The popular ITV quiz show, hosted by Lee Mack, sees 100 contestants battle it out to take home a share of up to £100,000.

But it's never easy, with a list of tricky logic-based questions sure to get your brain working standing between them and the cash. The show starts off with a question that 90% of the British public could answer correctly, before moving all the way through to the final question that only 1% could get right.

Just two players got through to the final question on Saturday night's show - and came up with different answers. Mitul walked away with the prize money after instantly spotting the answer.

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But can you get the final question right?

The question was: In this puzzle, what four-letter word replaces the missing part of this sentence?

'Mr Owl ate my metal ____'

The question divided viewers, with some finding it easy and others having no idea. One wrote: "Either I am getting cleverer or #The1PercentClub is getting easier."

"That 1 percent question was p*** easy. #The1PercentClub." But another said: "No clue whatsoever."

Have you worked it out yet?

The answer was worm. Lee Mack explained: "It's a palindrome so the sentence reads the same backwards as forwards."

Mitul said he had seen it 'quite quickly' - let us know how you got on in the comments.