ITV Britain's Got Talent pulls stunt performer filmed with knives after schoolboy's murder

Simon Cowell at his Britain's Got Talent judges seat
Britain’s got Talent has reportedly pulled an act from the show this weekend -Credit:ITV

Britain's Got Talent has reportedly removed footage of a sword-swallowing act in the wake of the tragic stabbing of schoolboy Daniel Anjorin in Hainault. The 14 year old was fatally attacked, and four others were injured, including two police officers, after a man with a sword went on a rampage in East London.

Described as "wonderful" and diligent by those who knew him, Daniel was on his way to school when he was killed. The nation has been left reeling from the brutal murder, leading to the decision by Britain's Got Talent producers to cut scenes featuring Heather Holliday, a professional sword swallower, impressing the judges with her daring performance.

Heather, who holds the title of 'The World's Craziest Sword Swallower' from Guinness World Records, is known for her act of swallowing multiple solid steel swords in front of live audiences. Following the incident, a 36 year old man named Marcus Aurelio Arduini Monzo, of Spanish-Brazilian descent, was apprehended by the police and has been charged with Daniel's murder.

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It is alleged that he used a samurai sword during the attack, reports the Mirror. Britain's Got Talent, fronted by the dynamic duo Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, aged 48, with a judging panel comprising Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli, has decided to drop the sword swallowing act from its lineup in the wake of recent violent events in London.

A source disclosed to MailOnline: "Producers felt, following the devastating attacks this week, it would be wrong to air the stunt act this weekend. The edit was changed and it is absolutely right for show bosses to pull the act from episode four." Additionally, an insider from the show remarked: "Following the horrific murder of Daniel Anjorin this week, Britain's Got Talent acted quickly with making the necessary changes to Saturday night's show.

Daniel Anjorin
Daniel Anjorin, the 14-year-old boy killed by a man who went on a rampage wielding a sword -Credit:PA

"Given the brutality of the crime and the nature of Heather Holliday's act, it was decided she wouldn't feature during episode four. It is nothing the contestant has done, but bosses felt it would send the wrong message at this extremely difficult time for the families and those who have been affected by the tragic events of this week."

Heather Holliday had previously opened up about her high-risk performance, stating: "Sword swallowing is quite dangerous. One of the things that drew me to it though, I take it very seriously and take all the precautions I can, but I still do things to amplify the danger."

In court news, Monzo did not submit a plea at Westminster Magistrates' Court when he stood before the bench on Thursday. He remains in custody awaiting his next appearance scheduled for Tuesday at the Old Bailey.

The Met's Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley shared his condolences Wednesday on LBC radio: "The first thing you have to say is for the parents involved, who've lost their 14-year-old, and that is just horrific, and it's everyone's worst nightmare. I'm sure we're all thinking about them."

Daniel has been described as a "quiet" and "nice" boy who was "in the wrong place at the wrong time".