ITV Coronation Street Abi star Sally Carman on real-life husband's 'break up' with co-star

Coronation Street's Sally Carman and Joe Duttine
Coronation Street's Sally Carman with her husband and fellow ITV Corrie star Joe Duttine -Credit:Sally Carman Instagram

Coronation Street's Sally Carman-Duttine, who plays Abi Webster, has opened up about her real-life husband Joe Duttine's on-screen 'break up' a with fellow actor. The couple, who met on the set of the popular ITV soap, celebrated their love by getting hitched in July 2022, two years after announcing their engagement.

Sally shared the joyous occasion on Instagram with a photo captioned: "We did." The image captured the blissful moment as they kissed under a beautiful balloon display, both holding a celebratory drink.

While Sally and Joe's off-screen relationship flourishes, Joe's character Tim Metcalfe is experiencing a split from his best mate Steve McDonald in the show. Steve, played by Simon Gregson, was devastated when his wife Tracy Barlow ran off to Spain with footballer Tommy Orpington.

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Now single, Steve has been trying his luck with dating apps, leading to an awkward encounter during Wednesday night's episode (May 1) where he was surprised to find his date Carole had brought friends to their pub meet-up, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Tim took a seat in the pub just in time for lunch, relieving Steve and capturing the attention of Carole's friend Aurora. Yet, as Steve kept Tim entangled in his dating affairs, Sally Metcalfe - Tim's wife - walked in just in time to see her spouse enjoying laughter with the slightly inebriated ladies.

Immensely embarrassed, Sally directed Tim back home where she highlighted that he is a wedded man and fraternising with Steve on his dates could spark rumours. Consequently, Tim found himself having to 'break up' with Steve, leaving them both distressed.

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Steve McDonald and Tim Metcalfe in ITV Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Upon sharing the scene and Sally's indirect stance on Corrie's Instagram, Sally swiftly threw in a witty response: "Deeply moving stuff," followed by a laughing crying emoji and a yellow heart emoji.

Even fans couldn't help but chuckle at her comment. One user, @lesleycampbell463, sympathised with a cry of "I feel your pain! ! ! " while another (@all_things_precious) weighed in: "Oh the mischief."

A third, going by @anitapott42, chipped in with "Have a word."