ITV Coronation Street fans 'heartbroken' as soap shares 'horrible' news

Carla in Corrie
ITV Corrie's Carla Connor has been dealt a crushing blow -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street viewers have been left "heartbroken" after an ITV statement delivered some "horrible" news. The beloved programme continues to maintain a steadfast following over its decades-long run, with dedicated fans tuning in week after week.

However, the show's most recent plot twist has sparked discontent amongst ardent Coronation Street viewers. A storyline involving Roy Cropper being accused and charged with the murder of missing teen Lauren Bolton has not been particularly well-received by viewers who insist Roy's character would never commit such an act. In addition, Roy has been denied bail twice.

In an emotional scene from the latest episode on Monday night (April 29), Roy is seen in hospital where he tells Carla Connor that their cherished friendship must come to an end. This tragic moment occurs as a result of Carla's nephew, Bobby Crawford, lying to police trying to secure Roy's freedom.

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In an Instagram post shared by the Coronation Street team after the episode's climax, they simply captioned it: "'This is the end of our friendship'.", reports the Liverpool Echo.

Hundreds of viewers have since expressed their dismay in the comment section of the post. One user, Ells, commented: "No I love Carla and Roy's friendship" Elaine added: "This is just horrible, the sooner this storyline ends the better", and @doctorwho6 stated: "One of the best things about Corrie is the friendship between Roy and Carla and how much they both mean to each other."

"I can't believe the writers would end their friendship permanently. I really hope not! " voiced Nikki, clearly distraught: "This is just heartbreaking".

ITV has been approached by the Liverpool Echo for comment.