ITV Coronation Street spoilers for next week - Three returns, split, collapse and exit

Coronation Street fans are convinced that one iconic character could be making a return after 12 years.
Next week on Corrie, viewers can expect to see a mixture of shocks, sad scenes and big twists -Credit:ITV

Next week's Coronation Street spoilers from ITV reveal a shock feud, a triple return and the potential freedom of Roy Cropper.

The popular ITV soap is set to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions with plenty of unexpected twists. Three familiar faces are set to make a comeback to the cobbles, including a villain, an individual who may have information on the missing Lauren Bolton, and a friend of Glenda Shuttleworth.

One of these returns could trigger the release of imprisoned Roy Cropper. In other developments, viewers should brace themselves for some heart-wrenching scenes as one couple heads for a split, and a teenager collapses.

A sibling rivalry over a discovery also unfolds, while one character prepares to bid farewell to the show. Here are the major moments to look out for next week reports the Mirror.

A couple's split and a shocking collapse

Coronation Street fans should prepare for high drama as one couple faces a painful breakup. A concerning collapse leads to a hospital visit, and later in the week, a resident discovers a devastating betrayal.

Maria Connor is left shattered when she uncovers something between her partner Gary Windass and his ex Sarah Platt. However, the drama doesn't end there as Maria's teenage son Liam Connor collapses in alarming scenes, amid his struggle with mental health.

After being bullied in distressing scenes, Liam reaches a dark point where he contemplates ending his own life. Liam's mental health continues to deteriorate in the aftermath of his recent trauma, causing him to miss school and seek professional help.

Upon his return to school, he is still visibly distressed, and when his friend Joseph Brown enquires about his wellbeing, Liam suffers a panic attack.

Joseph expresses concern for Liam's frequent panic attacks and encourages him to confide in mum Maria. However, Liam resists, not wanting to burden her with his struggles, leading him to make a grave error.

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In search of sweets, Liam stumbles upon Paul's hidden stash of Benzo pills and pockets them. On his way home, he ingests some of the pills, which results in him collapsing while alone.

Elsewhere, Gary observes Sarah drinking heavily and decides to follow her when she leaves. The upcoming events remain undisclosed, but it appears something significant transpires. The following day, Maria returns to the flat to find Sarah and Gary acting suspiciously.

She discreetly places a camera on the side, unnoticed by Gary and Sarah. As Gary bids farewell to Sarah, they share a hug and agree to maintain their distance henceforth.

However, Maria watches their interaction through the hidden camera and reacts with visible displeasure. By the week's end, Gary is eager to mend their relationship, suggesting that Maria confronts them about what she has witnessed. Maria announces their relationship is over - but is there a chance for reconciliation?

Could there be a triple return and Roy's freedom secured?

Coronation Street enthusiasts are in for a treat next week as three characters make their grand re-entrance on the ITV soap, including a beloved character who recently made a brief return. A guest character who appeared not long ago is also making a comeback, along with a notorious villain.

One of these characters might have fresh insights about the missing Lauren Bolton, who is currently presumed dead, as the plot unfolds next week. A reconstruction depicting her last known whereabouts is being filmed, while Roy remains detained, accused of her murder.

Daniel Osbourne reveals that his friend Nicky Wheatley has been in contact after he requested her to investigate if anyone among her connections has heard from Lauren. Nicky, a former sex worker, agreed to spread the word following reports suggesting Lauren's involvement in sex work.

Nicky stays true to her promise and informs Daniel about her findings next week. Later in the week, she visits Daniel and discloses that she's meeting a girl named Ellie, who was groomed as a teenager and might possess information about Lauren.

But what will Nicky discover, and will it bring us closer to unravelling the mystery behind Lauren's disappearance? Also making a comeback next week is the villainous Nathan Curtis, who manipulated and mistreated Bethany Platt seven years ago.

Bethany is left rattled when she spots a man who bears a striking resemblance to Nathan in the crowd during the filming of the reconstruction. She soon discovers that Nathan, whom she believed was still behind bars, was actually released from prison some time ago and is now employed at a nearby construction site.

Bethany quickly points the finger at him, accusing him of Lauren's murder. What will Nathan's response be and will the police interrogate him? Could this spell good news for Roy? The final surprise return next week is Glenda's old friend Estelle.

Family feud

Next week, Coronation Street will showcase a significant dispute between two characters, as a recent revelation leads to a harsh decision that could alter everything. The drama unfolds for siblings George and Glenda Shuttleworth when the truth about their father's will is exposed.

Initially, Glenda is oblivious to the fact that she is entitled to half of the family business, the funeral directors, currently managed by George and his mate Todd Grimshaw. George has discovered his sister's inclusion in the will but has remained silent.

However, he is compelled to face some tough questions next week when the truth comes out.

Glenda confides in a guilt-ridden George about her desperate desire to raise funds to purchase the Little Big Shotz business from Estelle, unaware that she actually has money or an inheritance that could make this possible - if only George would give her share. He realises she can't even secure a loan, which makes him feel awful, yet he does nothing about it.

When Glenda proposes a payment plan to Estelle for the business, George sabotages the arrangement knowing she can't afford it. However, when Glenda vents her anger at George, a revelation from Todd brings the truth to light, leaving her incensed.

Glenda complains to Todd about George's betrayal, referring to his comments to Estelle, but Todd mistakenly thinks she's talking about Archie's will and lets slip the secret, igniting a conflict. Glenda threatens to take legal action against her brother, before making a shocking move that could alter everything.

When Rupert from Rest Easy visits the undertakers and expresses his interest in purchasing the business, George and Todd are outraged to find out Glenda has listed it for sale as payback - but will she and George reach a compromise?

Exit twist

An exit appears to be on the horizon, as a romantic incident backfires and leads to a significant decision. Alya Nazir is ready to depart, amidst drama with Adam Barlow following their kiss.

Alya, fearing that her job opportunity in Dublin has been affected after her potential new employer saw her with Adam, quickly points the finger at him. As she informs Adam that their moment together has put everything at risk, Rich meets with her and assures her that the work placement in Dublin is still available.

It emerges that Adam has vouched for her, and has accepted responsibility for a misunderstanding. When Adam presents her with an expensive law book, wishing her success in Dublin, will Alya be able to leave?

Coronation Street is shown on ITV1 at 8pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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