ITV Coronation Street's 'scumbag' villain has plot exposed

Denny plans to steal from his dying son Paul
Denny plans to steal from his dying son Paul -Credit:ITV

Corrie fans have worked out what "vile" villain Denny has planned since storming onto the cobbles.

The ITV soap showed that Paul Foreman continued to make amends with his estranged dad Denny who made a sudden and unexpected arrival in Weatherfield. This was after hearing Paul on the radio talking about his terminal illness and becoming aware of a fundraising page online that is quickly raising hundreds of pounds.

The father and son bonding time takes a major turn for the worst when Denny leaves Paul alone and he takes a drastic health decline.

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Tensions flare as Bernie Winter, Gemma Winter, Billy Mayhew and Dev Alahan clash with Denny once the heartless dad-of-two finally turns up at his son's hospital bedside. Denny makes threats and slings accusations around about the family before storming out of the hospital.

It is just before the credits roll that fans have their suspicions confirmed that Denny isn't back to make amends. The twisted dad was heard making a phone call to someone about selling "an electric wheelchair" that belongs to Paul who remains in hospital.

Paul was rushed to hospital after taking a sudden turn for the worst
Paul was rushed to hospital after taking a sudden turn for the worst -Credit:ITV

One wrote: "Denny is seriously gonna sell his own ill son’s electronic wheelchair?!". Another asked: "So Denny will end up stealing Paul's crowdfunding money? We all saw that coming!"

A third commented: "Denny is gonna sell Paul's electric wheelchair! What a vile man!!". A forth branded Denny as "a right selfish scumbag".

Elsewhere, things remained tense between Sally and Tim Metcalfe over her ultimatum that saw him end his friendship with best mate Steve McDonald. And, Liam Connor tries to search for ways to cope with his anxiety online after becoming aware his parents Gary Windass and Maria Connor would struggle to afford private help with his mental health.

Also, Roy described Lauren's necklace to Dee Dee when she calls him in prison. The solicitor thinks the new information could really help him and Roy admits he's feeling a "twinge of optimism". Fans were given the same ray of hope when Roy got help from an unlikely source to help piece together the vital memory.

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