ITV Emmerdale Eric Pollard's downfall, car crash and shock split teased in new spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers reveal that one character works out Eric Pollard's cruel lie next week on the ITV soap
Eric Pollard's lies are revealed -Credit:ITV

Next week's Emmerdale spoilers on ITV reveal Eric's downfall, a character left for dead and a shocking split.

The ITV soap is preparing for some major scenes next week, including a potential breakup, a deadly stunt, and the downfall of one resident.

Eric Pollard may have met his match in one character who seeks revenge after his lies are revealed. With his downfall imminent, how will the other villagers react to his actions?

In another storyline, a character faces death when they are injured in a car accident and abandoned by a friend. A special episode focusing on several couples is also in the pipeline.

In difficult scenes, viewers will witness Tom King's abuse towards wife Belle Dingle intensify, and there might be a surprising split on the horizon. Here are the most significant events happening in the village in the upcoming week reports the Mirror.

Eric's downfall

Eric Pollard is finally exposed next week following his recent despicable behaviour, and someone seeks revenge. It's known to viewers that Eric has been targeting various characters lately with threats, lies, and cruel actions.

He is discovered by another resident next week, weeks after a shocking money scam that resulted in one resident being disowned. He swindled Kerry Wyatt out of thousands of pounds that should have been hers, before demanding money from her that she doesn't even possess.

Kerry had pinched a necklace from a cruise ship, anticipating that she could sell it to offset the cost of her daughter, Amy Wyatt's wedding. But on the big day, she confessed to not having funds when the necklace turned out to be worthless.

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However, Eric was conspiring with a pawnbroker as they soon discovered the necklace was valued at an enormous sum. He told Kerry it was worth only about £60, bought it from her and unexpectedly stepped in as Amy's financial knight in shining armour.

Keeping the sourcing of the funds under wraps, he then audaciously claimed Kerry owed him back his generous contribution, with added interest, knowing very well she has no means to pay him back.

It seems truth's sentence is close to its verdict next week, and Kerry is set to get even. Starting to sense somethings amiss regarding the necklace fiasco, she covertly enters his house to unearth evidence. She finds clear signs on his laptop revealing his deceit - he'd swindled her by selling that necklace for a hefty sum.

Tom's abuse takes a horrifying turn

Belle Dingle will be seen facing ominous threats and maltreatment from spouse Tom King. In a special episode from the popular ITV soap, our audience will witness the "terrifying reality" lurking behind Belle's daily life as Tom's dominance and hostility spirals.

Discovering something soon prompts him to turn on her, leaving Belle in a perilous situation. Secrets and betrayals are exposed, but the guests are oblivious to the real issues plaguing Belle and Tom's marriage. Before a meal that Tom has dumped on her, making it clear its success is her responsibility, Belle secretly arranges a doctor's appointment to sort out her contraceptive prescription.

She doesn't want a baby with Tom, who is pressuring her to start a family before she feels ready. Belle confides in Manpreet that she doesn't want the prescription sent to her home like her other medication, and they find a solution.

Tom, already irritated after being called out by Vanessa Woodfield at work, takes his anger out on Belle. Hoping to win over his colleagues following a fatal error at the vets, he pressures Belle to clean up his mess with the gathering.

Tom soon reverts to his old ways, asking her to change into a more suitable outfit for the event. But while alone in the kitchen, he stumbles upon a secret.

However, before he can confront her, the guests begin to arrive. As the meal progresses, an emotional Belle excuses herself due to the situation with Tom.

Tom, however, is seething with rage and waits for the right moment to follow Belle to the bathroom. He behaves menacingly towards her, leaving her terrified. Tom keeps a close eye on Belle in the kitchen throughout the dinner, but chaos breaks out when Rhona and Marlon argue, resulting in Rhona storming out.

As the other guests start to leave, Belle is struck with fear at the prospect of being alone with her abuser and desperately pleads for them not to go. However, as the last guest exits, we're confronted with the chilling reality of Belle's existence under the shadow of the sinister Tom, who now has her exactly where he wants.

Is a character set to die?

The ITV soap teases potentially fatal scenes as a devastating car crash could result in a fatality, leaving another villager burdened with guilt. A catastrophic collision leaves one person seemingly lifeless, abandoned by a friend.

With "no signs of life" hinted, it appears that the show might be gearing up to write out a character in these intense episodes, as the other individual involved in the accident deserts the scene, leaving the victim behind.

Nicky Miligan is found unresponsive by his aunt Moira Dingle after his vehicle is totalled. Ethan Anderson, who is at the wheel during the accident, manages to survive the crash.

In a shocking act of treachery, however, Ethan drags Nicky from the wreckage and then abandons him, escaping the scene. He looks on as Moira arrives and stumbles upon the injured Nicky, immediately calling for emergency services - but the question remains, will Nicky pull through?

Dramatic breakup and a unique episode

An explosive special dinner party episode is set to air on Emmerdale next week. The episode will centre around three couples and will reveal the hidden realities of their lives away from the public eye.

Rhona and Marlon's relationship could be on the rocks, as they grapple with the aftermath of Gus Malcoms' trial and Rhona's secretive actions during court. Tom, in an attempt to make amends for a blunder at the vets, decides to host a dinner party for his colleagues.

Despite their ongoing feud over the Gus situation, Rhona and Marlon agree to a lunch meeting, where it becomes evident that things are strained between them. Rhona informs him about the dinner at Tom's, which angers Marlon as he wasn't consulted beforehand.

He reluctantly agrees to attend, but it's clear that the couple is far from reconciling.

The tension between Rhona and Marlon is palpable at the dinner party, while Paddy Kirk and Mandy Dingle remain blissfully oblivious, their affectionate behaviour only adding to the awkwardness. A row breaks out between Rhona and Marlon, leading to her attempting to leave, but Marlon refuses to accept her decision.

In front of everyone, Rhona appears to end their marriage - but is this truly the end for the pair, or can they find a way to resolve their issues?

You can catch Emmerdale on weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with a special hour-long episode every Thursday.

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