ITV Emmerdale fans say 'is she?' as Laurel rushed to hospital

-Credit: (Image: Emmerdale/ITV)
-Credit: (Image: Emmerdale/ITV)

ITV Emmerdale viewers have been left asking a very big question about Laurel after she collapsed.

As viewers of the hit ITV show will know, Laurel recently found out that it was Jai who was responsible for killing his biological dad, Amit, after he pushed him down the stairs. Since then Laurel has been urging Jai to come clean and tell his brother Suni the truth.

At the start of tonight’s episode Laurel said she was feeling queasy and was experiencing stomach pain while eating breakfast with Gabby but brushed it off as indigestion.

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After continuing to encourage Jai to come clean to his brother, she went to the church for some peace and quiet - and to speak to her dead husband Ashley Thomas. However, the peace didn’t last long after Jai came to find her.

The two got into a heated argument as Laurel urged Jai to “do the decent thing for once in his life” and tell Suni the truth. Jai then started making offensive remarks about her late husband Ashley, who was a vicar.

Laurel didn’t take well to this, and erupted at Jai, calling him a “sad, weak, little man” and ordering him to get out. Shortly after Jai left, Laurel collapsed on the church floor, where she was later discovered by a concerned Gabby who came to find her after she failed to show up for their lunch date at The Woolpack.

Jai was about to come clean to Suni when he got the call from Gabby
Jai was about to come clean to Suni when he got the call from Gabby -Credit:Emmerdale/ITV

As Jai sat down to tell Suni the truth, he was interrupted by a phone call from Gabby, informing him about what had happened to Laurel and that an ambulance was on its way. Viewers of the show took to social media to speculate what was wrong with Laurel, with several predicting that she may be pregnant.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, @BallumsHouse wrote: “Laurel isn’t pregnant again is she? #Emmerdale,” and @LeoryStHillwell tweeted: “Laurel's not pregnant is she? #Emmerdale.”

@Pinkladyxxxxx asked: “#emmerdale So is Laurel pregnant then?” and @RyanTheSoapking added: “She is either pregnant or she's having an ectopic pregnancy like what Charity had in #Emmerdale.”

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