ITV Emmerdale fans 'work out' when Tom King dies - and who kills him

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Emmerdale fans are on the edge of their seats as they speculate that two characters might be leaving the show in a dramatic twist. In the latest episode, Belle Dingle, portrayed by Eden Taylor-Draper, turned against her family under the influence of Tom King's (James Chase) scheming.

Lisa Riley's character Mandy Dingle tried to intervene, cautioning Belle about the effects her schizophrenia medication could have on pregnancy, but Tom twisted the situation, insinuating to Belle that Mandy was gaslighting her. The drama escalated into an intense confrontation at the Woolpack pub, where Mandy attempted to defuse the situation, saying, "I was only trying to give you some advice", to which Belle retorted with biting sarcasm, "Even if it's pessimistic and frightening? ".

Despite efforts from Mandy and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to justify their concerns, Belle remained unconvinced, while Tom looked on, silently witnessing the growing rift. In another part of the village, Ethan Anderson, played by Emile John, contemplated fleeing after his arrest for abandoning Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope), presumed dead. Yet, in a last-minute decision, the lawyer chose to stay and face the consequences of his actions, reports the Express.

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Emmerdale enthusiasts have flooded social media with their predictions and discussions about the latest plot twists, with many speculating that characters Ethan and Tom could meet a grim fate. This comes particularly after Caleb (played by Will Ash) and Ruby (portrayed by Beth Cordingly) hinted at seeking vengeance.

Speculation is also rife that Cain Dingle, portrayed by Jeff Hordley, will confront Tom over his manipulative actions towards Belle. Some viewers are even suggesting that Belle might be outwitting Tom. One viewer posted online: "All I can say is that wait till Cain Nate Aaron and Caleb all find out what Tom's been doing to Belle he's gonna wish that he never came back to the village in the 1st place #Emmerdale."

Another fan speculated: "Belle is not stupid I definitely think she's playing Tom if she can dealt with the likes of what Lachlan was capable of I'm sure she knows deep down what Tom is doing is not right and trying to come up with ways to get him back #Emmerdale."

A third chimed in questioning: "Is that the real Belle#emmerdale or a ruse," while another echoed similar sentiments: "Is Belle really that dim...or is she playing him at his own game? #emmerdale."

Another comment read: "Who's gonna mow Ethan down? Caleb? Sunni? Ruby? Will the scriptwriters go for a 'who shot JR' Dallas moment and spin it out over months and months and months and months and months and months and months ad nauseum? #emmerdale."

Moreover, fans are abuzz with the theory that Tom's days are numbered following a hint from soap director Debbie Howard. After posting a picture from a filming location in the woods, fans are speculating that this could mean Tom will meet his end there.

On X - the platform formerly known as Twitter - one user speculated: " Tom dead come June? " to which another responded with a wide-eyed emoji. Another fan expressed their anger bluntly: "One of the Dingles needs to shoot the s*** outta Tom! ".

The storyline is set to thicken as Belle's struggle with coercive control appears to worsen. In upcoming scenes, a desperate Belle urges Tom to get help for his troubling behaviour, threatening to leave him if he doesn't comply.

Tom's manipulative tactics escalate when he convinces Belle to stay home for a delivery, causing her to miss an important family gathering in memory of her late mother, Lisa, attended by Lydia (Karen Blick) and Sam Dingle (James Hooton). The situation comes to a head when Belle, at her wit's end with Tom's relentless abuse, lashes out at him publicly.

Meanwhile, Tom has been undermining Belle's credibility, having already planted seeds of doubt about her stability with village GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), demonstrating his skill at manipulation. The burning question now is how Belle will deal with this nightmare and whether Mandy will expose Tom's treacherous plot.