ITV Emmerdale fans warn 'look out' as they 'don't trust' newcomer

Emmerdale's newcomer Rose has been warned to watch out as she prepares to take on Kim Tate
Emmerdale's newcomer Rose has been warned to watch out as she prepares to take on Kim Tate -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers have been sharing their views on social media about village newcomer Rose - the estranged mum of established character Dawn Fletcher.

Having turned up out of the blue from Benidorm, Rose appears to have changed her mind about wanting to be a part of her daughter's life after walking away from her and Will Taylor decades earlier. Despite being adamant that there will be no chance of mending their relationship, Dawn has let her mum stay at Home Farm while she recovers from an arm injury.

On Wednesday night, Dawn made it clear she's only keeping her long-lost parent close to get answers about why she abandoned the family decades ago. But, fans have already predicted a feud between Rose and Kim Tate.

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One wrote: "Think that Rose is up to something dodgy. I really don’t trust her."

Another said: "Would Kim seriously leave Rose alone in her home while she sees to the horses? I wouldn’t trust her an inch!"

A third joked: "Kim's going to sort out the horses, look out Rose!". Another made the same link, and commented: "Hope Kim's getting the killer horse ready!"

Fans will remember that a horse owned by Kim was revealed as the 'killer' of Lydia Dingle's rapist Craig. The businessman was floored by the stallion after spooking it which sparked a major murder whodunnit across the Yorkshire village until it was revealed to be an accident.

Later in tonight's episode, Dawn's world was turned on its head when she and husband Billy Fletcher were told to race their baby boy Evan to A&E after noticing a new bruise had formed without explanation. The little one recently suffered a fall after an incident with the changing table and the mum-of-three was worried about how the return to hospital will look.

The doctor returned with news that baby Evan had some anomalies in his blood tests and that there would need to be further tests to rule out a form of leukaemia. Viewers have already predicted that Rose is being kept around to perform a 'saviour' role.

People think that Evan's long lost grandma could be the donor he needs to combat one of the most common form of childhood leukaemia in the UK Fans know that soap bosses have been preparing to diagnose Evan with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia to showcase the real life struggles that a cancer diagnosis brings to all areas of family life.

Meanwhile, things remain tense between Manpreet Sharma and Charles Anderson after the kiss situation forces an even bigger wedge between the couple. Also, in the Woolpack, Chas Dingle suffers a wobble when Kerry puts her foot in it when trying to compliment her new prosthetic breasts.

The remark leaves the landlady in tears telling the packed pub that she is "more than just a pair of boobs". In touching scenes that followed, the mum-of-three has an emotional chat with Charity Dingle about how she really feels after her mastectomy and her worries for the future about her daughter Eve facing the same difficult choices due to the genetic condition making her family more susceptible to cancer.

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