ITV Emmerdale's Tom King manipulates Belle Dingle into potential double exit

Emmerdale aired worrying scenes as Tom King made his plan for wife Belle Dingle very clear
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale delivered a chilling development in the troubling storyline involving Tom King and Belle Dingle on Monday night's latest episode.

Tom took a disturbing step without Belle's consent, evidently pleased with having cut her off from her increasingly concerned relatives. For months, Tom has been exercising coercive control over Belle, with the situation recently escalating to physical violence.

He's managed to dominate every aspect of her life on the ITV soap, from alienating her from her kin to forbidding her from working, even seizing control of her finances.

The truth about her covert abortion was eventually exposed, leading Tom to further punish and isolate her by making her feel guilty, all the while maintaining the facade to others that she had suffered a miscarriage, reports the Mirror.

In the most recent instalment, Charity Dingle intervened after sensing something amiss when Belle voiced fears that Tom might not be who he appears to be. Having endured abuse herself, Charity has noticed signs that their marriage is far from healthy and that Belle is acting out of character.

The episode saw her confiding in the Dingle matriarchs, determined to "kidnap" Belle to extricate her from Tom's grasp, hoping it would encourage her to reveal her plight. However, this plan went awry as Belle reacted defensively and remained tight-lipped about her suffering.

There was a fleeting instance where Charity almost reached Belle, assuring her she could talk to her. Belle seemed on the verge of disclosing her situation, but then Tom arrived, thwarting the moment.

Tom was seen getting electrocuted in a recent episode of the show, and has since been confined to a wheelchair while he recovers. Everyone is rallying around him, with Belle insisting that he needs her at home.

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However, after Tom lashed out at Charity and warned her to keep her distance from Belle, his true intentions became clear as he seemed to have successfully turned Belle against her family. Belle was visibly upset by what Charity had said about Tom and felt compelled to uncover the truth.

Ignoring her ringing phone, Belle stormed upstairs, leaving Tom smirking at the thought of having potentially driven a wedge between them. But it was when Belle left the room that viewers saw Tom effortlessly rise from his wheelchair and walk on his supposedly injured leg.

To add to the intrigue, he made a phone call about a job opportunity in Wales, indicating his interest and suggesting that he and his wife would be willing to move. Belle is completely unaware of the job or its location, but it's evident that Tom is scheming to get her there in order to isolate her from everyone else - putting Belle in potential danger.

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