ITV Fortune Hotel viewers 'obsessed' with Welsh guest after hilarious name blunder

Tracy had viewers in hysterics on ITV's The Fortune Hotel
Tracey had viewers in hysterics on ITV's The Fortune Hotel -Credit:ITV

Viewers were left in hysterics during the first episode of new ITV reality show The Fortune Hotel when one of the Welsh guests mispronounced another guest’s name. The new show, hosted by Stephen Mangan, introduced the guests who are hoping that, by the end of their hotel stay, they will be leaving with £250,000 cash.

Among the contestants is mother and daughter duo Abbie and Tracey who are from Cardiff, south Wales. Within minutes of their arrival the pair, who have a self-confessed 'unique' relationship, were causing chaos.

As they introduced themselves to the others Tracey struggled to understand what Scots guest Jen’s name was. The reason for this is that Jen’s Scottish accent was so strong and she therefore mispronounced her name as Jane multiple times.

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Following the hilarious moment viewers took to social media platform X, formerly Twitter, to share their thoughts. “Obsessed with Tracey already. An icon!” wrote one person.

Mother and daughter Abbie and Tracey
Mother and daughter Abbie and Tracey -Credit:ITV

A second said: “Tracey queen,” while a third said: “TRACEY IS MOTHER”. While fans of the show quickly fell in love with Tracey, their love of the show may take a little longer.

Some people described how they "switched off" minutes into the show, which is set to air between Monday and Thursday on ITV1 and ITVX for two weeks. There were several comparisons to BBC reality series The Traitors, which is critically acclaimed.

One person said: “I feel like this is it’s a knock off of the Traitors”. A second added: “This is going to be some s**t attempt at a rival to the Traitors isn’t it?” And a third wrote: “Is this just the same as BBC’s The Traitors?”

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