ITV The Fortune Hotel: How it works, location, hotel guests and how you can watch new Stephen Mangan game show

Stephen Mangan hosts The Fortune Hotel
Stephen Mangan hosts The Fortune Hotel -Credit:ITV

As summer fast approaches a new reality TV show is set to hit screens. The Fortune Hotel promises sun, sea and secrets.

The Split and Episodes star Stephen Mangan is the resort's manager who welcomes 10 pairs of holidaymakers to The Fortune Hotel, including Cardiff mother and daughter Abbie and Tracy. They will all be hoping that, by the end of their stay, they’ll be leaving with £250,000 cash.

But how does The Fortune Hotel work, who are the hotel’s guests and how can you watch the new series? Here’s everything you need to know. Try WalesOnline Premium for FREE by clicking here for no ads, fun puzzles and brilliant new features.

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How does The Fortune Hotel work?

10 pairs of contestants will arrive at the hotel, where they will be given an all-important briefcase. Inside one case is the ultimate jackpot of £250,000 in cash, eight are empty, and one contains the dreaded early checkout card – whichever pair is left holding that case at the end of each show will see their stay brought to a dramatic, premature end.

Every day the contestants have the chance to try to uncover who has which case through playing compelling challenges, and as the ‘who got it’ mystery ramps up for the hotel guests, viewers at home will remain in-the-know throughout, witness to all of their plans and strategies playing out.

The climax of each episode is the nerve-shredding case swap in the seductive Lady Luck Bar where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case. Have the couple with the life-changing sum of cash managed to bluff and blag their way free of suspicion? Or will their case be ruthlessly taken off them? And who will be left holding the case containing the early checkout card?

Who are The Fortune Hotel guests?

The hotel guests
The hotel guests -Credit:ITV

The 10 couples appearing on The Fortune Hotel are:

  • Abbie and Tracy – mother and daughter from Cardiff

  • Michael and Adam – best friends from Bognor Regis

  • Louie and Chloe – business partners from Bolton

  • Lesley and Gary – partners from Suffolk

  • Cherish and Jae – best friends from south London

  • Susan and Jen – best friends from Lanakshire

  • Jo-Ann and Will – mother and son from Sheffield

  • Aisha and Samm – married couple from London

  • Dan and Claire – married couple from Gloucestershire

  • Tommy and Scott – best friends from north London

Where is The Fortune Hotel filmed?

Contestants are housed at the luxurious Silversands hotel in Grenada, one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean. Located just 100 miles north-east of Venezuela, the journey to the nearest airport - Maurice Bishop International Airport - is a little under 11 hours from London and slightly over 14 hours from Manchester, including stopovers. Silversands first welcomed guests in December 2018.

The hotel, with prices starting from approximately £720 per night, is situated on Grenada's renowned Grand Anse Beach. It features 43 suites and nine villas, each with their own private pools, offering an intimate and relaxed retreat. The hotel's standout feature is its enormous, highly Instagrammable 100m-long infinity swimming pool - the largest in the Caribbean - which extends from the reception area to the beachfront and tranquil azure sea beyond.

How can you watch The Fortune Hotel?

Launching on Monday, May 13 at 9pm, The Fortune Hotel airs nightly Monday to Thursday on ITV1 over the next two weeks. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.