ITV Good Morning Britain star issues warning following 'disturbing' phone call

ITV Good Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh has warned viewers about a 'disturbing' phone call she received. The presenter revealed to GMB hosts Kate Garraway and Rob Rinder how she had endured a worrying ordeal.

She told how she had almost become a victim of fraud after getting a suspicious call. The 43-year-old told how she recently fronted an ITV programme about being scammed but almost got caught out herself.

Kate said: "You know I like to stalk you on Instagram, if I can’t in real life. And it’s usually hilarious, but actually, really disturbing thing you posted."

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Ranvir replied: "You mean me getting almost scammed!" The former Strictly Come Dancing star continued: "I got a phone call from a very nice polite man saying "hi this is from your bank" and he named the bank."

Ranvir said the caller wanted to know if she had faced any fraudulent activity and asked about recent spending including an UberEats purchase. She said: "I said "oh no I haven’t" and he said "ok fine, do you have your card with you and are these the last four digits" and he named them correctly.

"Something in my mind just went "I’m meant to not be talking to this guy". Ranvir decided to call her bank directly, even though the caller said he could do that for her as he had her personal details, Metro reports.

She said: "I got cold then. I put the phone down and did ring my bank back and as soon as I said "I’ve had a call from someone" they said "it’s a scam" straight away."

Ranvir said victims of fraud lose on average £3,000. She previously told her Instagram followers about the ordeal.

She said: "I know lots of you think this stuff is so obvious – but I’m glad to have shared this with you because plenty of people get stung by these scams – and I find it alarming that I answered the first question so quickly and the second while my mind was zinging with suspicion.

"I think we’re so used to being polite that our natural honesty kicks in before our inner cynic hopefully takes over…" Ranvir’s co-star and Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis previously shared a tip for anyone who suspects they have received a scam call.

The financial guru said: "If you need call your bank urgently (e.g. it’s just called you, and you’ve hung up as it may be a scam) and can’t remember its number, just call 159 and it’ll put you through."

He said that if you believe you have been a victim of a scam call you should use a different line to call the bank or wait for at least an hour, in case the scammers are spoofing a dial tone.