ITV just aired a two-hour programme on dogs

Rianne Houghton
Photo credit: ITV

From Digital Spy

We already knew that Britain was a nation of dog lovers, but tonight (January 16) it was officially confirmed by ITV's marathon one-off special Britain's Favourite Dogs.

Because the one thing that the country needs right now is a countdown of its most popular dogs, Ben Fogle and Sara Cox kindly walked viewers through the most popular breeds in the UK.

Despite hogging the primetime slot and taking TWO AND A HALF HOURS to run through the definitive list of Britain's best-loved dogs (which was obviously the Labrador), everyone at home absolutely relished dedicating their entire night to watching dogs frolic on their telly.

Sure, a countdown of 100 dog breeds might sound a little tedious on paper, but you should never underestimate the people's love for dogs.