ITV Love Island faces hundreds of Ofcom complaints after Jess and Harriett's explosive row

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Love Island has been swamped with a staggering 475 Ofcom complaints over the past week. The ITV2 reality series attracted 210 complaints, followed by 185 the next night.

The show racked up another 80 grievances on June 28 following the spate of episodes earlier in the week, with viewers clearly disgruntled. An Ofcom spokesperson confirmed the complaints were specifically about two contestants, reports the Mirror.

They stated: "Complaints about all three episodes related to Jess' behaviour towards Harriett." During these episodes, social media was flooded with comments on the tension between Jess and Harriett in the villa, as the two had been at odds since their arrival.

Tensions escalated during a game of Never Have I Ever last week. Ciaran, 21, accused Harriett of being "two-faced", prompting the dancer to retort by calling him immature.

In response, he snapped: "At least I haven't been second choice for like three times though." As Jess laughed and remarked people shouldn't "dish it out if you can't take it", ITV viewers felt uneasy about her attitude towards Harriett.

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Love Island fans have accused Jess of being 'mean' to Harriett -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

When the episode aired, one viewer on Twitter: "Jess is trying to put Harriett down in every single conversation. No matter if it's straight up or subtle she's a bully."

Another expressed: "Beginning to think the producers of #loveIsland are actual bullies too. Making Jess read out Harriett leaving is just muggy. She's a bully. What's wrong with these people?"

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Since then, Harriett was given the boot from the villa alongside her partner Ronnie following the lowest public votes. Following her stint in the reality show, Harriett opened up to host Maya Jama about her and Jess's relationship, admitting they would never be pals.

She remarked: "The comments that she was making that I've seen now, I had no idea about, and maybe I would've taken a different approach if I knew what she was saying behind my back. But at the end of the day, I did have to put my foot down at one point because it was just getting too much."

Adding: "But I do wish her all the best, there's no bad blood." More Ofcom complaints could be brewing for the ITV dating show after the latest Casa Amor chaos.

Historically, during Raunchy Races, the two villas compete in challenges, often involving kissing another contestant, with the islanders left guessing who kissed whom based on which villa completed tasks faster. This year, producers shook things up by disclosing who shared kisses.

The revelation didn't sit well with the original girls at Casa Amor. Nicole was fuming after discovering Ciaran had kissed others, despite their recent declarations of love. Nicole appeared distressed, fearing Ciaran was getting close to someone else.

Back in 2018, more than 4,000 viewers lodged complaints after former islander Dani Dyer was reduced to tears by a "misleading" postcard showing her partner kissing another contestant.

Following the backlash, Love Island scrapped the controversial postcards and introduced the much-loved Movie Night, where islanders watch clips of events they haven't seen.

Love Island continues on Wednesday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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