ITV This Morning's Clodagh McKenna breaks silence after Jimmy Carr's 'rude' behaviour

Clodagh McKenna has hit back at critics after This Morning viewers were left outraged by Jimmy Carr's antics during her cooking segment on Friday's show.

The TV chef, 48, remained calm and collected when comedian Jimmy, 51, repeatedly interrupted and mocked her after being invited to take part with the goings on in the kitchen by programme hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond.

Hours after the commotion, which sparked a string of fans reaching out to the expert, Clodagh took to social media. The star posted a selfie of her leaning on Alison's shoulder with her eyes shut while Dermot beamed in the background.

"I bet you need a rest. I hope you have one," one follower replied in the comments as the Mirror reports the Irish chef responded and said: "Currently with a cocktail in hand in our pub."

During Friday's show, Clodagh demonstrated how to make a whole chicken last the three day bank holiday weekend. Outspoken comedian Jimmy repeatedly talked over the chef and made quips about her culinary suggestions.

Clodagh McKenna poses with Alison and Dermot
Clodagh McKenna replied to fans concerned for her after Friday's difficult show -Credit:Clodagh McKenna/ Instagram

At one point Clodagh boasted about the flavour of a chicken broth she concocted, as Jimmy sarcastically butted in "Wait till she hears about stock cubes."

He later critiqued Clodagh and said her dish 'lacked chicken'. Irish chef Clodagh McKenna kept her composure with a brave smile despite the disruptions.

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Dermot O'Leary, sensing the tension, attempted to ease the situation by wrapping an arm around her and jokingly remarked: "It's hard work being heckled by one of the UK's top comedians."

Yet, despite Dermot's attempts to defuse the awkwardness, viewers were not amused by Jimmy's behaviour.

One viewer expressed their displeasure, writing: "Urgh. Jimmy Carr. Switching off as he is obnoxious and proved it by having no respect to Clodah's segment" Another shared similar sentiments: "Jimmy Carr what an absolute a*** to Clodagh."

Another viewer added their voice to the criticism: "I doubt Jimmy would appreciate it if Clodagh joined his segment and started loudly interrupting and undermining everything he said."

This was followed by another disgruntled comment: "Jimmy Carr being an arse during this cooking segment on #ThisMorning STFU Jimmy. You're not funny and just look well pathetic. It's not always about you."

Sympathy for Clodagh came from another fan who said: "If I was Clodagh I would butt in on Jimmy Carrs segment and throw broccoli at him the rude g**! " And finally, another viewer stated: "Clodagh sounds really pissed off at Jimmy Carr and who could blame her."

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