ITV Tipping Point winner told she can't go on £2.5k holiday won on ITV show

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard
Tipping Point host Ben Shephard -Credit:ITV

Maxine Longmuir, an unhappy Tipping Point winner, claims she's been denied the opportunity to enjoy her £2.5k holiday prize. The 69-year-old was elated when she won a trip to Portugal on the popular ITV quiz show, but says she was left gutted when she came to understand that she couldn't rebook the holiday after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

Ms Longmuir said that resort officials weren't willing to accommodate alterations to her booking following her diagnosis of an irregular or rapid heartbeat.

She said: "It was one of the mystery prizes, it was the best prize I'd ever seen on the show. It was a fantastic feeling to win. It's our wedding anniversary and I turn 70 this year so it was supposed to be the perfect celebration.

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"We haven't been able to take a holiday for five years and I'd booked coach tickets to the airport and arranged for a friend to come and look after our dogs. I'm so disappointed. It's maddening because they've had the PR from it, but I haven't got anything. I went back and told them some other dates I could do but the holiday company Destinology just said 'no'," MailOnline reports.

A spokesperson for Destinology said: "Our customers' experience with us is of the highest importance, and we can confirm that we have been in talks with Mrs Longmuir since last week around new dates so that we can rearrange her holiday," reports the Mirror.

"The prize that was offered on Tipping Point was given by both Destinology and Domes Lake Algarve (Destinology covering the flight element). When Mrs Longmuir initially contacted us to let us know that she could no longer go on her holiday, our team contacted the hotel to try and move her dates, but unfortunately this was outside of the terms and conditions of the hotel prize offered by the hotel.

"After explaining Mrs Longmuir's circumstances, the hotel has now agreed to move her stay to a date in the future, and Destinology will be rearranging her flights."

ITV has also been approached by the Mirror for a statement.

The popular game show Tipping Point, which has been gracing television screens since 2012, involves contestants answering questions to earn tokens. These tokens are then used in an arcade-style coin pusher machine, with the goal of winning a £10,000 jackpot.

Ms Longmuir had to undergo six screening phone calls with producers and participate in an hour-long Zoom meeting with other hopefuls before being selected to film an episode in Bristol last April. Despite not winning any money on the show due to an incorrect answer, Maxine expressed joy at having met the host of Tipping Point, Ben Shephard.

She said: "I got through to the final two but answered a question wrong, it was about a Chancellor of the Exchequer and my mind just went blank. I still got what I wanted - I only went on there to get a hug with Ben. I'd never been on a TV show before."