ITV's The Fortune Hotel location: Inside the stunning Caribbean island where new gameshow was filmed

Stephen Mangan wearing a suit stood in front of the swimming pool, decking area and palm trees at a Grenada hotel
Stephen Mangan hosts The Fortune Hotel -Credit:ITV

ITV's latest gameshow, The Fortune Hotel, transports contestants to a stunning Caribbean island with the chance to win a life-changing sum of money. The show, hosted by comedian and actor Stephen Mangan, challenges 10 pairs of contestants to stay in a luxury five-star resort where they could win a £250,000 jackpot. Upon check-in, each pair is given a briefcase - eight are empty, one contains the jackpot, and another holds the dreaded early check-out card, which ends the holder's time on the show prematurely.

Each day, through a series of compelling challenges reminiscent of the hit BBC gameshow The Traitors, contestants must try to figure out who has which case. The show culminates in an all-important case swap, where each pair must decide whether to keep their case or trade it with someone else's. The first episode aired on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday night (May 13) at 9pm, reports the Manchester Evening News.

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So, where exactly was The Fortune Hotel filmed? Contestants are housed at the luxurious Silversands hotel in Grenada, one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.

Views of Grenada
Views of Grenada -Credit:Supplied

Located just 100 miles north-east of Venezuela, the journey to the nearest airport - Maurice Bishop International Airport - is a little under 11 hours from London and slightly over 14 hours from Manchester, including stopovers. Silversands first welcomed guests in December 2018.

The hotel, with prices starting from approximately £720 per night, is situated on Grenada's renowned Grand Anse Beach. It features 43 suites and nine villas, each with their own private pools, offering an intimate and relaxed retreat. The hotel's standout feature is its enormous, highly Instagrammable 100m-long infinity swimming pool - the largest in the Caribbean - which extends from the reception area to the beachfront and tranquil azure sea beyond.

In addition to its pristine beaches and sea, Grenada boasts tropical jungles, waterfalls, and mountains, making it an ideal destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The island is dotted with more than a dozen waterfalls that can be accessed by car or foot.

Grenada is also known as 'the island of spice', thanks to its production of nutmeg, locally referred to as 'black gold. ' Nutmeg trees, one of the island's main exports, are a common sight along the roadside. A short drive from Silversands will take you to Grenada's capital, Saint Georges. This vibrant city hosts some of the island's top restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious stuffed crab shells and, of course, generous servings of rum punch. Throughout the year, temperatures in Grenada typically hover around 30C, peaking at 32C in September and dropping to a low of just 23C in January.

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