"I've spent $6k on my Addams Family-style gothic garden - I only grow black plants"

A self-confessed goth spent $6k transforming her garden from "ordinary" - to an Addams Family-style “wonderland”. Chloe Hurst, 29, has spent six years making over her semi-detached bungalow and refuses to grow any plants that aren’t matte black in her garden - dubbing it "gothic gardening". Her dream is to turn it into “grand Victorian castle grounds” - and she has so far splashed $1k-a-year on plants, compost, vines and shrubbery. She takes inspiration from films like the Addams Family and Dark Shadows - and insists “it’s not a phase.” Chloe, a graphic designer, from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, said: “I’ve always loved my dark, moody garden - it’s not depressing, it brings me so much joy.